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“Dead Planet” by The Obsidian Complex

Approximately one month after the release of their debut EP on February 24th, New Jersey’s The Obsidian Complex have released an instrumental version of “Dead Planet” showcasing their impressive technical abilities and elaborate rhythmic complexities

Dangerous Times for the Dead release second single of 2022

One of the Netherland’s finest, Dangerous Times for the Dead, are releasing the new single, “As the Iron Curtain Falls,” and I had the opportunity to talk with front-man Bjorn Ciggaar about the single, future plans, and settle once and for all the age old question: “Van-Halen or Van-Hagar?” #PowerMetal #IndieMusic #TraditionalHeavyMetal

Escape Ring

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Escape Ring and following on from placements on US primetime TV (NBC), Escape Ring drop debut single “Winning The War” on Dec 10th written by main songwriter Darren Moss.