Kargyr drops 2 new singles

From the nether of a garage in Lyon, France, an artist by the name of Kargyr has dropped two new singles yesterday (“Aura” and “Sword.”) These mark the third and fourth releases of Kargyr’s catalog, all of which were released just this year. Kargyr’s sound is a melting pot of several genres of metal. Atmospheric at times, with eastern style harmonies similar to what System of a Down went for, but the music does not stay in that atmosphere very long before growling screams and off timed guitar riffs drive the music. My initial impressions were that of Gojira on the heavier parts and particularly in the guitar work. I hear a lot of prog influence as well.

Kargyr’s first single, “Chronophobic” was released on 02-28-22 and at 8 minutes long is an in depth exhibit of the spectrum of influences he draws from, going back and forth between classical, spacey, and intricate to progressive metal with high pitched fry screams. Vocally, the high pitched shrieks kind of remind me of old school Killswitch.

Kargyr has been playing music since 12 years old. First playing drums and eventually learning guitar. He credits a lot of his musical progression to collaboration with his brother, Thibaud Florentin, who plays the guitar solo on “The Abyss,” released on 03-15-22 and is my personal favorite of his catalog. Check it out here:

Although Kargyr is a multi-instrumentalist that in today’s musical environment we’d likely refer to as “desktop metal,” he is largely supported by other artists for his project. These artists include Fanny Borrego-Sanchez for management and visual art, Clémence Leroux for more visual art including the cover artwork, Pierre-Alexandre Kofron with lyrical contributions to “Chronophobic,” and Little Rascal Records, a full service indie label who will be releasing an upcoming EP with him later this year.

It’s pretty clear when listening to Kargyr’s music that he possesses the musical chops, so to speak instrumentation wise, but he goes on to explain that 10 years after his last band he has been on a journey of exploring how to do more extreme vocals “in a healthy manner.” This indeed has been a subject of many rabbit holes I have been down myself, of my favorites I would like take the time to call out for that would be Dave from Riffshop and Chris Liepe who teach awesome, healthy, and effective techniques (also check out my artist channel’s YouTube playlist). Wherever Kargyr has been studying his technique he appears to have mastered it well, just like his instrumentation capabilities. Check out this video of him demonstrating that technique while covering Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller:”

For those that have read his bio, you can see that the video was shot from within his infamous 6 mattress “vocal cabin” he references in production. As metal as his music is, that is pretty punk rock and you should know I love that. Cheers. Looking forward to the EP Kargyr.

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