Help’s Record Release Show

T-minus 5 hours Portland!! Help is playing tonight at the Bunk Bar in celebration of the release of 2053 that just dropped last Tuesday on the 15th. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this event ever since AMS Radio had the pleasure of debuting the first single from the album and going to check out them with Spoon Benders at the Doug Fir last month.

Let’s go over the Pre-Show checklist!

I’m so stoked to see you out there. If you happen to catch me there, I’ll be buying extra cassettes and CDs to give out. If you see me, call me out and ask “AMS Radio?” …. I’ll give you a CD or tape and buy you a drink. I’m a short brown guy in a Help Beanie. That’s all the clues you get. See you there! Cheers.

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