About AMS Radio

Welcome to AMS Radio. We spin a lot of music on AMS Radio with an intent on taking you down a rabbit hole of wonderment in this new, saturated, but great time in music. We focus a great deal on independent and DIY artists. Please have a listen and consider donating to help us continue to be a place where independent artists can be heard. Thank you for supporting independent arts and music. If you would like to submit music for airplay, please send file transfer link via WeTransfer in MP3 format to us in a message on our Contact page

About Audio Mirage Studios

At Audio Mirage Studios (The Jam Shack) we produce, distribute, and license music through SongTradr, Tracks & Fields, Broadjams, and Reverbnation. We also offer publishing services through ASCAP, BMI, and HFA.

“Where the words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen

3 thoughts on “About AMS Radio

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