Big Dog: Love Ghost Releases New Single and Announces Contest

In just 17 days since dropping what was previously the most recent single, “Beamer Boy,” and 36 days since I covered “Get Faded,” which was officially released just six days before that, the content mega-machine that is Love Ghost is back again with a couple new singles, “Big Dog” and “El Perro Grande” (the Spanish version featuring a huge collab with Teeam Revolver, that just dropped TODAY). And in classic Love Ghost fashion, “Big Dog” as a single, in contrast to it’s emo sounding predecessor is a bit of a “360” in terms of vibe yet somehow also makes complete sense in the spectrum that is their overall sound. “Big Dog” has a huge beat, saturated in that Trap Metal sound they have become known for. It’s one of the heavier ones in the catalog.

While it’s nothing new that Love Ghost continues to churn out content at a rapid pace while rocking shows regularly, and write music that spans a range of genres that most artists spend lifetimes on trying to perfect just one, what makes “Big Dog” a particularly interesting or special release to me is the “Big Dog Challenge.” At the rapid pace they create their content, I hope I am not too late to the game to participate with my rescue dog. I’ll be taking a video and posting tonight with the hopes that I can participate as described in their June 10th Facebook Post. You can also find more information on the contest on the band’s Website. In a nutshell, you basically just have to record a video (mash it up with before and after pics of your rescue dog if you’d like) and set the video to the music of the latest single. The band is going to PAY out $1000 to a winner. $500 to the individual, and $500 to the dog rescue/animal shelter of your choice. How awesome is that?! When you post the video on social media, make sure to tag the band, and use the hashtag #BigDogEnergy to ensure it’s seen.

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Don’t forget to check Love Ghost out live as well if you can. Checking in on their tour schedule it looks like they might be going on a little bit of a break soon, which is crazy because at this point after covering them so much, and peeping their past events, I didn’t think these guys knew breaks were even a thing, haha.

Regardless, they do have one awesome show to mention, as of right now, happening tomorrow at 8pm in Los Angeles at the BlackRose-LA. Presented by Blackrose Studios, the bill also features Bali Baby and Big Boss Mulaa. Get your tickets HERE.

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