Starchild Yeezo’s “Lola” Q&A

It is with great pleasure to announce that the second installment of Audio Mirage’s “Q&A” blog series is with an artist I’m super stoked to have found out about recently: Starchild Yeezo. The band’s seventh release of their catalog and fifth single, “Lola,” is an amazingly melodic, surefire Alt Pop hit that was just released last Friday 08-19-2022. When you hear this track you can’t HELP but find yourself head bobbing to it. It is truly one of the catchiest songs I have heard recently. The members of Starchild Yeezo (the band) consists of a lineup that all grew up together in Southern California: lead singer, writer, and composer Starchild Yeezo (the man himself), Deezy on keys, Kam on drums, Juice on Bass, and Drew on guitar.

When I think of the spectrum of artists that have come from Southern California, it’s a vast one. From Black Flag to Faith No More to all of N.W.A and Ice T, it only makes sense that hybrid fusions of genres had manifested in the way of pioneers like Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park. Starchild Yeezo and bands like Love Ghost (also from So-Cal) carry that artistic momentum forward, in my opinion. The band’s sound is so creative, unique, and progressive. It’s an undeniably relevant sound. Already at 121k plays for “Lola” on SoundCloud, the connection the band makes with it’s audience is evident.

“Lola” is the band’s follow-up to October 2021’s “Love & War” and is a foreshadowing of more things to come. The single will be included on a full length album along with11 other tracks coming out in November called “Zombies in the Park.” A bit of a concept album, Yeezo has described it as “telling a story of a man looking for life, while fighting time, and running from death.” I had to the chance to hear a sneak peak of it and it is right in line with the quality work of “Lola.” I can’t wait for it to come out, it’s definitely something you’ll want to keep an ear out for as well.

I also had the awesome opportunity to ask Yeezo some questions about the project, things that are currently going on, and the upcoming release:

AMS Radio: What inspires you to create music? Who would you say are your biggest influences?

My inspiration comes from pretty much everything. Conversations, life experiences, watching movies and TV, dating …. just life really. I tend to remember everything in song form like the movies (*laughs*)

AMS Radio: Tell me a little bit about your creative/writing process, how does the music make it from concept to final product?

I kinda like doing the base of all the songs at home. Majority of the time I start with creating the music. I never really have a direction. I just start and let the moment take over. I then record melodies to the song to get a feel for how I would want to sing on it. Then I pull a story out of my head and find the best way to describe what I’m thinking. Add a couple harmonies, put a mix on it and voilà. For this album I probably revisited all these songs over and over again to make small changes.

AMS Radio: I see that you’ve worked with A LOT of people in the past, please tell me about the Chris Brown connection. I’m sure people would be fascinated to know what you worked on with him.

Yes I’ve gotten the chance to be around, learn from, and work with some of the greatest musicians of our time. From Raphael Saadiq, to D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Tyrese, Underdogs, Stereotypes, Far East Movement and the list goes on and on. For Chris tho I’ve had the privilege of writing and demoing 3 songs for him. The last two that came out was “BP/No Judgement” off the Indigo album and I also did “Forbidden” on this Breezy album. I sang the originals as well and I’m still on the backgrounds of both songs.

AMS Radio: Tell me about music scene in L.A these days. What’s popular, what do you like or dislike about it, and what interesting things are happening?

I think we’re getting back to a good space here, more shows available, more interest in wanting to go outside and see those shows. It’s also a great time for the creation of web 3 performances. I’m just happy to be a part. I usually don’t jump into doing the preset shows that promoters and others be booking. I like to create my own platform so I usually host and create my own shows with the artists I’m close to.

AMS Radio: We can plug your NFT on Limewire and at the same time educate me. Two birds with one stone, could you tell me a little bit about the NFT? What is it, where do I buy it, how does this involve Limewire? You’ll have to explain it to me in simple terms because I am a total NOOB about how that all works.

So the NFT I released on Limewire is a digital art piece / animated cover video for the second single, “Delusions.” Along with the artwork I attached a few unlocks as well such as the full second single as an exclusive download and everyone who has the NFT will be part of the exclusive fan club, which will also come with a lot more as the time passes.

Here’s the link for the Limewire:

AMS Radio: And I can’t help it. I know we said only 5 questions, but I’d really like to ask one more if I may, please… ‘Lola’… could you elaborate on how this song fits the concept you’ve described for “Zombies in the Park” since it’s the 3rd track on the album?

Yes, not to go into it too much detail “cuz my mind is crazy” but “Lola” is a story of Right Place/Person but at the wrong time. Sometimes we ask, pray, and want things so badly but aren’t prepared for them when they come. Then when we finally are at the stage to receive it in the right way it’s no longer there so we spend the rest of our days chasing life that was. There’s a movie called “Collateral Beauty” – also a song on the album – the lead role Howard (played by Will Smith) says something at the beginning of the movie that stuck with this theme of the album for me: “What is your why? We are here to connect, through love, time and death. (The three Abstractions) we long for are love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death. ” When those things get corrupted we almost turn into zombies trying to fix it or get stuck thinking that’s the end. So to relate it back to “Lola” once she was gone, I finally got to the point in life that I could handle what my perfect person needed from me but she’s nowhere to be found and all the other girls no longer measure up. So not only do I go on the search for the actual Lola but I also get stuck in the idea of what coulda been and what we can be now, even though she’s long gone.

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