New Quizboy EP Available on Bandcamp

It has been a long year that has dragged out the subsequent release to December 2020’s “Quarantine Barbie,” but alas, here we are with Quizboy’s new six track release “Bella” scheduled to release and streaming everywhere December 31, 2021. Pre-save the first single “Invalid” HERE for streaming.

Due to distribution limitations for cover songs to Twitch’s “Soundtrack” program, Quizboy’s cover of Elton John’s classic “Believe” will be a single of it’s own on streaming platforms, pre-save that song for streaming HERE.

Outside of the streaming markets, “Believe” will be included on all other formats of “Bella.” Moreover, aside from waiting until December 31st, you can listen to it by pre-ordering it on Bandcamp HERE or at the link in the embedded players above and below this post.

This is a landmark in the Quizboy catalog in that there is a 12-inch double sided vinyl available for this release and it too is available now (albeit, at a 6-21 day window of shipping time). Get your hands on the vinyl HERE. Quizboy has also recently stated on Twitter that there will be CD versions of the “Rest in Pain” in the very near future, for any nostalgic CD buffs out there.

And if that weren’t enough, Quizboy will be listening, performing, or posting a new track from the album per week leading up to the release on Twitch, MixCloud (the “Bandcamping Podcast”), and SoundCloud.

Nice way to round out the year. Cheers.