Listen up you Skallywags, Hell Beings have a new one for you

One of the best parts about being able to write about the indie music I find is that I get a “B” line to much of it before it comes out. Whether or not I get to share that with you before release date? Well that varies. We all have central tendencies. And a tendency I particularly love when it comes to Punk Rock, is that no fucks are given with regard to things like that. Which is the case with this awesome tune from Hell Beings, “Wind Your Neck.” Check it out now, above, embedded from their SoundCloud page, prior to officially being available on their Spotify page and all the other streaming services this Monday, January 31st. Give the band a follow so you can be notified when it drops! T-minus two days.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the fabled tale before? If you follow Mike Watt (Minutemen, Iggy Pop and the Stooges) and his Podcast (The Watt from Pedro Show) you just might have, as the band has been featured there and been the subject of his liking in recent past.

The lads continue their journey to land with the new single, taming the wretched seas with heavy distorted rhythm and blues licks akin to the likes of a punked out AC/DC or Motorhead. The conquest was not without menace, as “the waves beneath crashed the rugged rock perilously below the studio floor” and “the cliff shook with the bass drum battery,” recounts the band of their conquering voyage to produce the single.

The personality of the band is one of the more unique and fun things about it. Even with what would appear seemingly as a break in character to drop some depth on their philosophical punk ethos and outlook: “sing what you see, no frills, play the song not the instrument…” it is quickly followed by “no Fenders nor wah-wahs were used in this experiment.” In my short exchange with the band, I mentioned off the cuff that I gave them a like and repost on SoundCloud to which they replied, “Nice one! I can’t remember my password.” LOL.

The band is a 3 piece consisting of Mouldy Gussetglob (or sometimes by the name of Mouldy Dianas depending on where you read about them) on vox and guitar, Manraj Ghal on drums, and Adam Sal North on Bass. It’s a bit difficult to trace back the exact history of how they got together, other than the band’s recollection of some kind of rescue mission involving “Peppa Pig’s Helicopter,” as the legend goes, so I thought I’d dig a little further on their Spotify and Bandcamp page. Their catalog dates back to somewhere in late 2020 with the first single “Skallywag,” a swashbuckling punk tune, but with a vocal approach similar to Fugazi. The imagery and cynical, socially topical lyrics are what make Hell Beings a cool find.

“Skallywag,” as released on Bandcamp, also featured “Prison Made a Man of Her,” one of my personal favorites, as it sounds so Pacific Northwestern, the riffing reminds me of Sup Pop era bands that have had such a big impact on me. The B side track, however, wasn’t released to streaming services until somewhere around June of 2021 along with two more singles “Jerusalem uber Alles” and “Fungicidal Tendencies” which also carry an awesome blend of punk rock vibes somewhere between MC5, Bad Brains, and Mudhoney. Totally recommend checking this band out if you like any of those bands mentioned.

Hell Beings 2021

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