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Adhering to a schedule set forth by their Spotify bio that began with a Press Release in August here on the blog, Belgium/Australian based Exit the Matrix has returned with a new single titled, “Dream State.” Self-produced by Exit the Matrix, written by Daniel Van Der Molen and Peter Bloemen, the new single carries forward a prog/metalcore sound infused with Djent tendencies and experimentation that was first explored on “Of Consciousness,” the first single released with Van Der Molen at vocals. Since then, the band has released a single every month. “Statis” in September, “Passenger” in October, “Veil of Eternity” in November, and now “Dream State.” According to Bloemen (Gotmoor, Signs of Darkness); that schedule is to continue into the New Year. Check out the latest on all streaming services.

“Dream State” seems like a progression towards more experimentation in my opinion. The arrangement tends to lean more heavily this time around on a balance between the complex groove and ambient synth atmospherics. Lyrically introspective, the contextual approach reminds me of Killswitch Engage. Van Der Molen vocally weaves in and out over complex rhythms melodically. It will be interesting to see next month what the band releases. Will all of these tracks “waterfall” into a full-length album or EP? Or is the band simply cutting their teeth and honing their craft month to month by releasing a new single? Best way to keep up with all that is to follow them online to find out.

Of the five singles released since August I would offer that I like the direction that “Dream State” is going the most. I think there is a good opportunity with Van Der Molen’s vocal approach to continue to integrate more ambient noise and he has the chops to scream out the “djent-iest” of arrangements when called upon. I’ll be interested to see what’s next for the band who is “not afraid to wander contrarian paths.”

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