“Lotus Head” by T.F.A

Howdy there Bandcampers! How is your apocalypse going? Mine’s been pretty good. Relatively okay. How about all of them UFOs lately, huh? Good times. Dystopian hero “Friendly Timo” has just released a new single as of a couple of weeks ago (January 27th) titled, “Lotus Head” by way of his Electro-Industrial Metal project, The Fair Attempts (TFA). It marks the first release of 2023 and sixth release in a string of singles foreshadowing a soon to be released album by the same name. Thematically and artistically, every release has been in step with what began in August of 2022 with the single, “My Frozen Heart.” Of the singles released to date, “Lotus Head” is perhaps my favorite thus far. The track features grinding guitars, pulsating bass, and powerful compressed vocals. The track calls back memories to me of essential industrial rock artists such as Gravity Kills, and “Wither, Blister, Burn and Peel” era Stabbing Westward.

What makes TFA an interesting project as a whole is that the artistic expression not only takes place in the music and visual arts, but also in literature form. The album “Dream Engine” was released with a corresponding companion novel, “Dreaming Your Dream,” written by his wife, project collaborator, and contributing vocalist Starwing. TFA is not only an audible musing of dystopia, but a universe of characters with back stories. I’m hoping that aspect of their art continues as we look forward to the album release of “Lotus Head.”

With The Fair Attempts and Valentines Day in mind, I put this playlist together of other artists that came to mind that are (or were) comprised of significant others. Enjoy!

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