Anger So Divine: A NEW Interdimensional Anthem

The most epic of interdimensional bands is back with a new single. Naturally, I am talking about Devine Anger, the band that inexplicably arrived on the scene from their parallel dimension, in Wacken. Their arrival left them feeling “alien” as it would for anyone, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell based on how well they have embodied a signature sound that they refer to as “Expressive Power Metal.” The power of rock has made it an almost seamless transition to integrate with our kind. The band released their trademark anthem that goes by the same name, “Divine Anger (Band Anthem)” last month on January 12th.

The single is a teaser of sorts, they describe it as “a specially arranged part of a song that will appear on the next album,” which certainly implies that this might not only be an opener, but perhaps part of a medley, or part of an overall bigger theme maybe? It will be interesting to watch it unfold, as the band has a history of creating in-depth WWII concept singles and albums like 2021’s “Guru of Hate” EP (8/10 on Powerplay Magazine).

The band’s catalog goes back to December 1st of 2020 with the single “Behind the Wall,” a song recounting the story of Anne Frank in Power Metal form. I’m going to guess this is about the time that the dimensional shift happened, which according to the band, happened suddenly during a set they were playing at the largest metal festival in the world (on their side).

2021 resulted in the band releasing two singles, “Always Now” and “Guru of Hate,” that were both included in the “Guru of Hate” EP released later that year. Suffice it to say, both were concept themed in nature, coinciding with the over-arching storyline of the EP. “Always Now” reflects on some of the darkest chapters of human history and “Guru of Hate” (the song) really showcases the more extreme end of their brand of Power Metal incorporating growling, double bass, and down tuned guitars with eerie synth. Thus, only strengthening their powers here in our dimension and setting the stage for 2022.

This year’s release marks “Divine Anger (Band Anthem)” as the fifth one in the band’s catalog. Well, at least the fifth one here in this world. Find out more about this unusual band and its out-of-this-world band members on their website HERE.

If you’re not familiar already, let’s meet these six newcomers from another dimension.

ART3M on Vocals
J.J. on guitar
Damon on Drums
Misaki on Keys
Luke on guitar
Barry on Bass

Barry was interviewed by the folks at “The Other Side Reviews” back in 2020. Being familiar with OSR and having worked with them in the past as well, I was excited to find more about the band in the style of an interview. It’s a good read that you should check out for get some behind-the-scene perspective on the band’s creative process.

Learn more about each member such as each’s favorite video game, biggest individual musical influences, and more HERE on the band section of their webpage.

Keep up with the band on social media here:





Hard n Heavy’s Underground Metal VOL. 3

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