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Baked and Bulletproof S3E2

A Creepy Pasta story titled, “I Investigate Disturbing Cases part 1: The Tall Woman,” narrated by the one and only James Bot. Today’s story is first of a five-part series written by Bryan Young and published on the r/nosleep sub-reddit…

Baked & Bulletproof S2-E5

It’s with somber enthusiasm that I bring about some news about the Podcast. The sad part is that I won’t be including the Top 10 playlist update in the Podcast anymore. This episode will be the last that features the…

Baked & Bulletproof S2-E4

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof AMS Radio’s “Baked and Bulletproof” continues to reign in the new year with part-two of the classic “Journal of a Psychopath” series and showcases a Top 10 list (February edition) of new independent music that…

Baked & Bulletproof S2-E3

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof Happy New Year!!! AMS Radio presents its Top 10 for January 2023! Turning the new year, albeit I totally realize intangible concept of “time,” but still… symbolically starting fresh, I’ve decided to re-visit one of…

Baked & Bulletproof S2-E2

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof This month’s top ten is a mighty list. I had such apprehensions about shifting away from last month’s playlist because it was so dang good, but Jeeze Louise, I’m pretty happy with this one too.…

Baked & Bulletproof S2-E1

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof Feels so nice to be back into the swing of things for a Season two. Season one was a bumpy road. Learned a lot of lessons. Was discouraged about a couple of things. However, the…

Baked and Bulletproof EP. 11

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof Featured Indie Artists: “How’s the View” by Darinka“Give it To Me” by Hyperiff Creepy Pasta story: “Night of the Lockdown, part 2” by Malcom McDonald Author’s sub-reddit: Malcolm MacDonald Fiction, /r/malcommacdonaldfic Indie Music brought to…

Baked and Bulletproof 10

Baked and Bulletproof 10: “Night of the Lockdown, part 1” by Malcom MacDonald. Feat. Artists: “Leap of Faith” by Nadia Vaeh, and “I Want Drugs” by Slave Dog

Baked and Bulletproof 8

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof Featured Creepy Pasta Story: “Journal of a Psychopath, part 2: University” by R.M. Staniforth Featured Indie Music: “Do the Buttcrack” by William Sanford “Scuttlers” by Dangerous Times for the Dead

Baked and Bulletproof 5

Hey kiddos! Episode 5 is here with more saucy bangers and creepy stories to share! Indie Music Featured Artists: Hell Beings – “Wind Your Neck” Skipping Stone – “Monster” Creepy Pasta Story: “Glenmont” by Peter Frost David.  Peter Frost David…

Baked and Bulletproof 4

Featured Indie Music Artists: Mr. Griff and Clifford Featured Creepy Pasta: “The Swing” written and permitted for narration by Dan David Special thanks to the “Nope! Too Creepy” YouTube channel and podcast. You DEFINITELY need to check “Nope! Too Creepy”…

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