Noord – A Hybrid of Metal

Today’s review is of a band called Noord. The single being reviewed is a track entitled “Defiance,” their latest single, released in 2021 as the follow up to their 2020 EP/Album entitled “One.” They play a hybrid brand of Metal, hence the title of the review. As described by the band, they aim to combine different elements from multiple genres to bring about their unique sound of heavy music. Noord is a Belgian band from Antwerp.

At first listen, I will be the first to admit that I did indeed find myself saying, “oh okay, there’s a bit of this, and a bit of that” as I listened through different segments of the song. From opening riff I initially got a bit of a nu metal vibe and that quickly transitions into elements of a more chunky, hardcore type of groove once the verse kicks in. Being someone who has previously played bass in bands before, I couldn’t help but grin in delight hearing the tasty bass licks over the fills that transition into the “metalcore-ish” choruses starting at 1:50. Vocals are delivered well, with seamless transitions between false chord and vocal fry screams. Vocally, I hear elements and/or influence of Randy Blyth and Mark Hunter. All these elements combined really do create a nice fusion for a live experience, and the band has shows coming up as soon as January 15, with a couple dates stretching thru March 18th. Tickets are available through Songkick.

Upon further research I was delighted to find the band is on Bandcamp, as most that know me would suspect. Although this single has not been uploaded there yet. It appears that in a short time frame of releasing material they really have been able to grab the ear of listeners with their unique sound rather quickly. This is some fresh new stuff coming out and is definitely worth checking out if you dig the sound of bands like Chimaira, Shadows Fall, and perhaps to a lesser extent Trivium.

Find Noord online here:

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