Get Faded on Love Ghost’s new single

The L.A. based, genre bending, Trap Metal band Love Ghost have released a brand new single as of last Friday, May 27th, entitled, “Get Faded.” Lots has been going on with Love Ghost since reviewing their first single of the year, “Chains,” back in January. Since then, if you also count the version of “Chains” en español, “Cadenas,” they have put out 8 other singles through May and with “Get Faded” just being released, that accounts for the tenth single of 2022 so far. These guys are putting in work. Be it recurring VLOGs and official Music Videos via their YouTube channel, to live radio performances, to a packed West Coast road schedule for the month of June (Los Angeles, Sacramento, Reno, San Francisco, and Eureka); Love Ghost is pouring heart and soul into their work and they’ve been a remarkable, inspiring band to follow.

Unlike the previous single, “November,” back in March that was deeply rooted in Emo and Pop Punk influence, “Get Faded” switches gears back to the other end of the spectrum that is their unique sound, encompassing the Trap Metal element that is also present in so much of their work. Drawing inspiration from the likes of $uicideboys$, Killstation, and Night Lovell (3 of many influences that front man Finnegan Bell has credited in the past for being influential to the band’s sound); Love Ghost is conveying “what it would feel like to be a vampire at a Hollywood party in Hell,” with “Get Faded.”

One thing that tends to be a common theme when people describe Love Ghost is that listeners get pulled into a “universe” created by the band, artistically. I would say that I find that to be true. All the influences in the mix, all the different elements of their sound just become the gateway to an interesting and unique perspective Finnegan Bell is lyrically projecting.

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