Dunwhich Dreams Announce New Single “The Black Wings of War” (pre-save)

Albuquerque, New Mexico is a place that fascinates me. I’ve never been, so my fascinating is purely speculative. When I think of it, I think of two things: Bugs Bunny and Walter White. Quite a spectrum. And now that I think about it, I think of three things. The third would be the Industrial Metal band Dunwhich Dreams, and that doesn’t exactly narrow the spectrum any further. Originally formed in 2015 and inspired by love of horror literature, the band is a chaotic concoction of electro, synth, industrial, and a heavier-on-average brand of metal than what’s usually incorporated in that genre. My favorite industrial acts include Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Rammstein, Skinny Puppy, and I hear a bit of all that in their music too, but what I think makes Dunwhich Dreams distinct from the rest is the gravitas of metal they incorporate into their music. Sometimes I hear what sounds like Black Metal influence and Death. Closer to perhaps Fear Factory, at least vocally. Their artwork strikes me that ways as well. Pretty cool. They officially announced recently via Twitter that they have a new single coming out on November 25th entitled, “The Black Wings of War.” Pre-save the single below and tune in to AMS Radio during the “New Releases” portion of Indie Anarchy for a chance to hear it before release.


“The Black Wings of War” is to be the second single from their up and coming album, “Rise of the Seventh Sun.” An album name that shares title with their previously released single from October 21st, 2022. Check that one out here:

The string of singles and upcoming album are follow ups to and the first endeavor since their album “Stranger Eons” back in 2018. That album established a foundation of their heavy electronic sound. These latest singles, however, just come off much heavier to me for some reason. Lyrics are still super dark, I like that. And like most industrial music, it’s meant to provoke you out of your comfort zone. Be that via sonically with noise, heavy riffs, or uncomfortable subject matter lyrically. Again, all the things I enjoy about this genre of music. That foundation that was the first album set the table for the band moving forward, landing them airtime spots on Metal World Radio and A Fistful of Faceful. Between then and the upcoming album now, they have also contributed to the INDUSTRIAL ASSAULT VOL. 7 compilation by DSBP Records.

Dunwhich Dreams is comprised of: Rosary Leyba at Vocals and Electronics, Jordan MacDonald on Guitar, and David Harris on Drums. With regard to what the meaning behind “The Black Wings of War” could be, the band offered that it is meant to “invoke a vision of a dark future that ends in bloodshed and death on the battlefield.” Oh… so basically like my daily regimen of doom scrolling on Twitter then, yeah? Hahaha.

I recommend this band for anyone who enjoys Psyclon9, Dawn of Ashes, and 3teeth

Looking forward to the new single, as well as the new album! Cheers guys.

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