#TWEETCORE Episode 002

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Welcome to the “Lair of The Gloomweaver” – BrunDarkh

A fascinating sub-genre to me has always been Melodic Death Metal, or "Melodeath" to some. Like most genres or sub-genres, the beginnings of it are of topical debate and have lots of credit to go around. Many point back to various bands from the mid 90s as pioneers. For me personally, given my age, generation, … Continue reading Welcome to the “Lair of The Gloomweaver” – BrunDarkh

New Release – Not Like the Others You Know (EP) by Quizboy

Interview with Quizboy … we’re two days out from release date! Grab some pre-saves in the article! Cool Top 20 is an awesome blog to keep an eye on if you don’t already so check out the rest of the site too.


Quizboy is a post-grunge, alt-rock project by a multi-instrumentalist from Portland (USA) that goes by several pseudo names, primarily Ben Dayho or by the character name given to him by the comedy band Weed N’ Stiff, ‘Bennito Malcooster’. As light-hearted as the persona is online, Quizboy’s music tends to be dark. Often manic and bi-polar, the lyrical themes tend to be revolve around childhood traumas, struggles with interpersonal relationships, battles with addiction, and sadness. The common description by most seems to be “weird.”

His EP ‘Not Like the Others You Know’ will be available for streaming services everywhere 11th November. However, the track ‘Down by the Water’ a cover song of The Decemberists, will be its own stand-alone single due to distributor issues.

Is there a link to pre-save?

“Thanks to distributor issues there are three pre-save links, one for each track. However, you can get to all of them…

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