The Star Crumbles: Beyond the Music

I’ve been in wait with great curiosity to finally watch this. Good stuff. Looking forward to hearing that lost album soon!


As you likely know, I’m in a band called the Star Crumbles, which consists of me and my friend Brian Lambert. As you also likely know, we have an album coming out on October 7. It was supposed to come out today, but for various reasons, some of which may or may not be alluded to in the following documentary, it had to be delayed just a little bit. The album, by the way, is called The Ghost of Dancing Slow. You can hear snippets of it in the background of said documentary.

Said documentary.

Personally, I want to thank everyone who helped out with this project. It all started when Brian came up to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell. It was a hot day, and the line to see the ol’ Bell was long, so I just showed it to him through a window in the building…

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Sussuro: “Old Story” = NEW Music

Allmersbach is a small village in Germany with a comprehensive history. According to Wikipedia, it was first referenced by name in the year 1291. Many reforms, administrative restructures, and state dissolutions took place throughout the years in the town, including being part of the "American Zone" in allied Germany around 1945 before a municipality was … Continue reading Sussuro: “Old Story” = NEW Music