Red Skies Mourning: New Single “Something About Her” + Q&A

Last we checked in with the multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist, former US Marine, and all around amazing artist Chris Aleshire (AKA Red Skies Mourning) we were covering the release of his latest single, “Where You Been?” And as it would turn out, that single ended up being a figurative icing on the cake of a stretch of singles leading up to his self-titled debut album. An album consisting of 8 total tracks, 3 previously unreleased singles (Summer Shines, Sands of Time, Dreamweaver), and a “2.0” version of “Paralyzed.” With the drop of this quintessential milestone in his ever growing catalog of music, it felt like a chapter had been closed on what his Spotify bio refers to as the “search for his groove.” So what’s in store next? The dawn of things to come was released earlier this month on September 9th in the form of his latest single, “Something About Her.”

Re-uniting once again with co-writer Ryan Curtis and Producer Cesar Da Emperor (Post Malone, Tyga, Tyla Yaweh), Aleshire describes this track as an early demonstration of how he is growing Red Skies Mourning’s sound and that he has a ton more new singles coming out soon that are “gonna be fire!” Hard to argue that proclamation given how well produced and melodic “Something About Her” is. It’s easily moved it’s way into our Top 10 list this upcoming month. I can’t help but be taken back a bit by how much of a departure it is from the more rock oriented roots that Red Skies has been known to have embedded in his music and that I have previously written about, researched, and listened to in the past. Very electro-pop and steeper in 80’s music influence this time around. However, despite the synth oriented, almost EDM-ish type samples, Cesar Da Emperor can drop a beat like no other, so you still have a 2 step back beat that knocks like a hip hop song. And of course, Red Skies Mourning’s voice and knack for delivering big time catchy hooks is distinctly unmistakable.

So many things to ask! And I am fortunate enough to have had the absolute pleasure of being able to ask this artist, whom I’ve been following for a while, more about his background, how RSM’s sound has evolved over the years, and what his plans for the future are:

AMS Radio: Chris, been a fan for a long time. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions! We’ll start round-robin with the 3 routine questions I ask everybody and that I feel are always interesting aspects of every artist. What inspires you to create music? Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Hey and thanks so much! What inspires me is life, and what I see /hear, and other people’s experiences and then also experimenting within multi-genres. Biggest influences started off being Chris Cornell, Layne Staley/Jerry Cantrell(AIC) and then started branching out into more pop, electro pop, newer hip-hop, as well as rock and electronic, but the vibe of RSM is always going to be the same.

AMS Radio: Next question, tell me a little bit about your creative/writing process, how does the music make it from concept to final product? I know you work with a co-writer and a very reputable producer so I’d be interested in knowing the dynamics behind that collaborative effort.

Typically it starts off with an idea that I may have or maybe a few songs that recently came out or video game vibes. I’d pitch the idea to Ryan(Co-Writer) and Cesar(Producer) and then Cesar would build off that idea. We’d typically go a few rounds on the production piece but Cesar normally delivers a solid base for all the songs. Ryan has been an amazing co-write to work with and his melodies are astonishing! After that I write the lyrics and lay out the vocals and then we send all the stems to Jeff Kanan who does a great job at mixing. We have a pretty good flow going but I’m always striving to sound the best I can and deliver my vocals, so it’s always a constant evolution for me.

AMS Radio: That is fascinating, didn’t realize that there was that extra layer of the process sending the stems out, absolutely, the mixes sound amazing. Tell me about music scene where you are from. What’s popular, what do you like or dislike about it, and what interesting things are happening?

I actually come from a Hardcore/Punk background, so I wouldn’t know a lot about the hiphop/electropop/pop scene in my area, though there is a great deal of music, mostly cover bands that I’m aware of. I’d love to actually get a few more people in the group, maybe a drummer and guitarist and start touring. It’s tough where I’m from to find a drummer…

AMS Radio: Can’t argue that, most of the drummers I know are in multiple projects indeed. Alright, the best part! Bonus questions. So unless people read deep into your bio, they might not know that you have a very extensive rock background. It’s no secret you’ve expressed influences by 90s alternative rock bands and such, but what I found remarkable was that you were in a Hardcore band at some point. I mean we’re talking you played CBGBs and The Underworld in London, etc. Tell me a little bit about that excursion and what was the turning point in which you decided as an artist that it was time to go a different direction?

Good question, I actually had media access at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest 2022 and was telling my photographer buddy, Jack Nutter, how I knew most of these guys back in the day but they definitely wouldn’t remember me. Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Crowbar, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, tons of great bands that are still doing their thing which is awesome! I stopped doing Hardcore because after my father died I took a good look at the scene and there just wasn’t much for me there as a songwriter or singer for that matter, at the time and I wanted to try something new as well as ramp up my vocals. After I stopped doing the hardcore stuff, I sang in cover bands until I found time to write some songs(which came out more grunge sounding like “How Can I Believe?” and “Signs From You,” JR Richards from Dishawalla helped and did some backing vocals) Currently working with Ryan and Cesar has been great to maybe tap in to something that I’ve never tried before musically. I’m even open to rapping as well, I rapped on one song but it was a quick bit from an old Baltimore Hardcore band that sounded dope…. so maybe I’ll do some of that as I’m a huge rap/hiphop though I may also add a bit of metal in an upcoming song.

AMS Radio: That is an incredible and cool fact to know! I totally remember that band Dishwalla. Nice, I’m going to post the video link to that at the end. I noticed with the latest single, it was heavy on the dance and pop side, but I also know that you are a guitar player. With the new singles coming out are we going to have any guitar oriented work like we’ve seen before? If I were to guess, I would probably bet “yes,” and if so, how are you are you planning to incorporate that into what is seemingly a little bit of a new direction and what you’ve described as “expanding” Red Skies Mourning’s sound?

Yeah good question, referring to my last response around metal and how I really enjoyed checking out these metal/hardcore/rock bands at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest… Cesar actually asked me if we could experiment with that. Since I’m coming from the metal/hardcore scene, I know what I’d want to hear, but I’m curious what Cesar would come up with. His clients are primarily Hiphop artists but as you can hear from the RSM stuff, he’s pretty well rounded in electronic, dance and pop!

AMS Radio: Yeah, definitely. Putting faith in Cesar regardless of genre is a pretty safe bet in my book. Okay, now I know I USUALLY only do two additional questions, but sometimes I have more. I’m a habitual line stepper *laughs*. And you don’t have to answer this one if you don’t want to, we can cut it out, totally your call but I am truly curious. Why did you take down the Linkin Park cover video? I was impressed with it to the point that I put it in the last review because you were literally doing everything except playing drums on a Linkin Park song! Including the rapping part, which I would imagine is an extremely difficult thing to do when playing guitar…

*Laughs* Wait did I take that down? I’m very critical about my singing and if I feel I’m off the slightest I’m taking it down. *Laughs* I could put some more up and maybe do some acoustic sessions. I just didn’t think many people were watching or interested but yeah I could definitely start doing more covers. I actually wouldn’t mind people requesting certain songs, I’ll try anything really.

AMS Radio: Totally understand, but yeah it was good! Just sayin. THANK YOU so much for your time Chris, I really enjoyed the backstory, and learned a whole lot. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff and congrats on the new single!

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