Love Ghost’s Compilation LP & Worldwide Collab

**In my best John Lennon impersonation: “I read the press release today, oh boy…”**

Okay, enough of that, you are lucky blogs are not audible. I came across a press release today for Love Ghost‘s new compilation album entitled, “A Place Far From Here” and naturally was psyched about it. I’ve been a bit of a fanboy ever since covering the band when “Chains” was released back in January.A Place Far From Here” was released August 19th, and is as described, a compilation of many of the band’s popular singles that have been released throughout the years plus two previously unreleased (on streaming services) tracks. The entire collection is a 14-track LP. The two bonus tracks being a hard rocking cover of “Love Sosa” (the smash hit song originally by Chief Keef) and a massive, extended version of “Chains” entitled “Chains Worldwide.”

The singles the band chose to include on this compilation are more in the vein of their rock-oriented side. Very melodic and alternative, it almost feels like a “greatest hits” album before you remember and realize that their catalog is vast and comprised of lots of hard hitting Trap hits too (like Big Dog, Get Faded, etc.). The Chief Keef cover was instantly one of my favorites upon first hearing the album, it has slapping bass, beefy guitar, and false chord screams adding an interesting and new aggro twist to the song.

“Chains Worldwide” is an epic, Bohemian Rhapsody-like expansion of an already hard-hitting, on-fire track. On “Worldwide” the collab includes features from quite an impressive list of artists around the world: Strange Bones (U.K.), Grafi (Germany), Geassassin (Mexico, also on the “Cadenas” version), Tankurt Manas (Turkey), Vollny (Russia), and Undead Papi (United States). Each one of those artists alone, including Love Ghost themselves, makes this a remarkable collaborative effort. They dropped the official video for it 6 months ago and it has accumulated around 350k views and counting.

Speaking of remarkable, not only is that particular list of collaborators on one track remarkable, but watching this band exponentially grow since I first learned about them back in January has been also. It’s an incredible and fun thing to follow Love Ghost as they continue to connect with new audiences and grow as artists. The band recently just toured Europe and continues to crank out release after release at rapid fire pace. Their work has been praised by the likes of Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, and Alternative Press. I can’t help but feel like I’m bearing witness to something special here with this band.

Lastly, I’ll also top it off with mention of a personal favorite of mine on the collection, a cover of Nirvana‘s “Heart Shaped Box.” Because anyone that knows me, is more than aware of how big of a Nirvana “dork” I am. So just for the record, let me just say that Love Ghost’s version of a song I hold very dear, does it a TON of justice. Great job guys.

Love Ghost is:

Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, guitar)

Ryan Stevens (bass, vocals)

Daniel Alcala (guitar, engineer, backing vocals)

Cory Batchler (keys, backing vocals)

Daniel Gallardo (drums, vocals)

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