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Formed as an online collaborative project in 2021, the Doom Groove Orchestra has officially released their second single entitled “The Hunter” on 03-25-2022. As the name would imply, the music is presents an element of theatric and dramatic type of arrangements laden with dark guitar riffs and grooves. Ove Kihlström performs the guitar work, sings backing vocals, programs the drums, and is effectively the “orchestral” part of the band, accompanied by Conny Goldsmith in the rhythm section on Bass guitar. Fredrik Notling is the lead vocalist as well as an additional voice to the backing vocals. The B side to the single is an equally solid song called “Falling Into the Shadow” which features particularly interesting string arrangements and unorthodox chord resolutions that add to their “doomy” vibe.

The band’s first single was entitled “The Belly of the Beast,” released on 02-25-2022. It too was an A&B side release, with the B side being a track called “Missing You.” While the overall sound is uniquely attributable and recognizable to the band, this particular single did feel very different in terms of influential styles than the most recent effort, in my opinion. With “The Belly of the Beast” I hear a lot more straight forward classic rock and Power Metal influence. Notling’s vocal ranges and dynamics remind me of the tendencies of Dio and Bruce Dickenson at times.

In contrast, “The Hunter” in my opinion, expands beyond that more straight forward Power Metal influence of the previous single (which of course, is still a foundation of their musical prowess overall); but this new single introduces more synthesized and ambient dissonance to their sound. The band is more willing to venture of into the nether musically with this latest effort. As I listen to “The Hunter” my initial impressions shift slightly from that of your typical Power Metal influences, and I hear more of a reminiscence of bands the likes of RA and Ghost, which I think is a great fit to their overall vibe and songwriting direction. With the A side already eclipsing 4k streams in the short time since release, I think that the results of that musical direction proves to be affirmed. I’m really excited to see this band grow and continue to build, it is truly exciting to find stuff this new fresh off the press. Looking forward to what is next in store for them and will be fascinated to one day pingback to this piece to analyze their progression. Follow Doom Groove Orchestra along with me online at:




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