Band without Band Releases New Single

The multi-instrumentalist, to whom through my research I’ve only been able to refer to as Marc (…*in my best Tommy Wiseau voice* “Oh, hi Mark”… ) or perhaps better known by the name of his Goth Metal project Band w/o Band, has just dropped a new single four days ago entitled, “Wake Up.” This stands to be the 11th release for the Band w/o Band catalog and the fourth release of 2022; a follow-up to the previous single, “When Death Comes” back in June.

Visually, the single is what we’ve come to expect from the project. Dark, gothic, and haunting images constitute the visual aesthetic both in the cover artwork and in the music video. Audibly, “Wake Up” starts off rhythmically heavy with screams. The drum cadence reminds me of something industrial like Ministry or Nine Inch Nails. However, the guitar work overall is in a drop tuning, alternating between noise suppression gates and EQ’d compression. Going from eerie background tones to loud and up front distortion which adds a really nice dynamic to the peaks and flows of the track. That particular aspect of the song reminds me of nü-metal type of bands like Korn. Between riff driven choruses are dark synth/ goth type melodies kind of reminiscent of Type O Negative or even the likes of Depeche Mode.

Indeed it has been a busy year for Hamburg, Germany artist, at one point holding the number 1 and number 2 position on Germany’s MyOwnMusic.De Metal Charts and in regular rotation on indie radio stations in the UK and in the US. Cheers to Marc and his work as he has accumulated 2.2k monthly Spotify listeners in the process.

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