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If you were to take note of the tag line on the AMS link tree page, you would find a famous quote from the author Hans Christian Andersen: “Where words fail, music speaks.” In the case of Ukraine’s Vidjirgeria, that appears to also be an applied philosophy as they have released instrumental versions to accompany both of their singles released thus far. And it would be with sound reason because when you are taking in the composition in only a musical context, there is a lot of complexity and dynamics to process (get it?… “sound reason”… see what I did there?) The audible frequencies tell a story of turbulence amidst a structured type of chaos even in the absence of vocals. It’s an amazing thing to realize how we can perceptually do that with music. Knowing that the band is from Ukraine and perhaps reading oh I don’t know, a FEW things in the news about what’s happening there, it’s not a hop, skip and a jump to imagine the energy their Djent styled brand of Metalcore might be reverberating. The title of their latest single “Hostage of Emotions” would also imply as such. From the band’s Spotify bio:

“The theme of social songs, about how our world has become cruel and immoral, and that people themselves are the fruit of the horror that is happening now”

However, the vocal aspect of this band is not to be overlooked. For all the praise I gave to the composition earlier in conveying a message and sound, the vocals add an even heavier dynamic to the mix. They are mid-range, almost sounds like vocal fry, but at the same time have the push and power of a false chord belting. I really enjoy that kind of scream, particularly in Metalcore music, it reminds me of the screaming parts of Norma Jean.

The group was only formed this year by founder, composer, and guitarist Alexei Lyakh. At some point during the year, the additions of instrumentalist Bogdan Khoroshilov and vocalist Vasily Kutsenko put the group in a position to release their first single “Devastation” back in May. Approaching only 2 weeks old, “Hostage of Emotions,” the second release and first single of a full-length album scheduled for October release, was dropped on August 28th. In what seems like almost lightning speed, the band yields 714 monthly Spotify listeners and 587 YouTube subscribers.

I had the pleasure of having a brief Q&A with Alexei Lyakh, the founder of the band:

AMS Radio: Greetings Alexei, this is the part of the Q&A that includes routine questions I ask everyone. I always find it fascinating regardless of who the artist is, as to what inspires them and what all is involved in the creative process. What inspires you to create music? Who would you say are your biggest influences?

I never invented or created idols! I am not inspired by the work of others!

AMS Radio: Tell me a little bit about your creative/writing process, how does the music make from concept to final product?

I just sit down to play the guitar! And at the end of the cons I come up with a track! having come up with one riff, I sharply want to continue it and develop it!
The end result is what you listen to!

AMS Radio: What’s in store for the band, and what interesting things are happening?

At the moment, I have already accumulated material for ep, and it remains only to finish it! Orientation before the new year it will be!

AMS Radio: Alright, time for bonus questions! Obviously when I hear your music, listen to the lyrics, and read the title of your tracks, I can’t help but speculate that there’s a lot of reference to the current political climate in your country right now. What kind of unique perspective could you lend to us about what’s happening there and how much is it really impacting what you write about or how you write your music?

We initially decided not to take part in political games, and the lyrics probably describe the situation, globally fucked up. War in Ukraine is a first-rate course in geopolitics! In general, we write songs, but this is in no way directly connected with Ukraine!

AMS Radio: How many guitars do you have? Which is your favorite and why?

I have one master guitar, di guitars, I have been using it for the last year and I am very pleased. I came to the conclusion that I will always make custom guitars for myself

AMS Radio: What does the name of the band mean?

This is a slang word in Ukraine, and a little abbreviated, it was used in the 70s. The word means to do crazy things, have fun, and everything related to enthusiasm and fun

I certainly have a new and interesting perspective after speaking with the band for the Q&A session. Especially that last question! Wow.

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