Red Skies Mourning “Where You Been?”

One of my favorite alt-pop acts right now, Red Skies Mourning, has just released a third single this year, last month, on April 29th entitled, “Where You Been.” As if to totally call me out for sleeping on the fact that he has dropped two bangers, “In The Moment” just a few months ago in February and “Lost Without You” back in January! The Maryland based multi-instrumentalist/ Songwriter/Producer Chris Aleshire is indeed a content making machine. Since AMS Radio covered “Deep Moonlight” at the tail end of 2021, Red Skies Mourning has been racking up listeners and dropping new singles consistently, growing to 6,336 monthly listeners on Spotify. And it should be of no surprise. The songs he produces are infectiously melodic and when Red Skies Mourning does bring in collaborators to work with, they tend to be some of the best around.

Where You Been” certainly follows suit. The synth-heavy beat is moving and the vocals are well delivered with a somberness that supplies an “alt” vibe to the overall sound. It’s such an interesting mix of 90s alternative and grunge influence underlying a modernized, retro pop brand of music. Lyrically, as with his other songs, it is deep and emotionally driven. When asked what the song is about, he describes the general theme as such:

“The Song was written about myself being emotionally unavailable and only realizing it when I unintentionally hurt someone that I cared about deeply. “

Red Skies Mourning

I truly enjoy listening and picking out his guitar work embedded in each track. With so much going on in each track dynamically, melodically, electronically, etc. one might not inherently catch those guitar oriented roots. However, it is there if you take a close listen and it’s fascinating to hear it incorporated and how it compliments the entire piece as a whole. A rock artist at the core, Red Skies Mourning has also been actively performing on various radio stations and at various gigs, rounding out an eclectic mix of content on his YouTube channel. The guy is truly a workhorse. Of particular interest to me, I found a performance in which he covers Linkin Park’s “In The End” uploaded a month ago. I think this video is remarkable for a couple of reasons. First, I feel so because of the last time I wrote a piece on Red Skies Mourning. I was expressing that from what I heard, there was some Chester Bennington influence in there. So in that respect, I guess I’m feeling some internal validation, ha-ha. Secondly, and way more important than my bizarrely odd self gratifying ego, is that aside from a lone bongo player keeping tempo, Chris performs all other parts of the song with just his voice and a guitar. Singing Chester Bennington in and of itself is a feat, in my opinion. Playing guitar and singing at the same time is a skill highly sought after as well, but then Chris takes it a step further and also performs Mike Shinoda’s rap verses while playing guitar. That to me seems like it would be very challenging. Collectively, for all those reasons considered, I thought this was a stand out performance. Check it out.

With 3 singles already out this year, I can only imagine at this rate we can expect a lot more to come for 2022. Here is where you can explore and keep up with more Red Skies Mourning:

Spotify // Facebook // Instagram // Website // Link Tree

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