Sussuro: “Old Story” = NEW Music

Allmersbach is a small village in Germany with a comprehensive history. According to Wikipedia, it was first referenced by name in the year 1291. Many reforms, administrative restructures, and state dissolutions took place throughout the years in the town, including being part of the “American Zone” in allied Germany around 1945 before a municipality was actually formed 27 years later in 1972. So what’s with the history lesson you are probably asking? I read up on it a little bit given the subject matter behind the recent single “Old Story,” by the Thrash Metal band Sussuro (from Allmersbach). The historical backstory provided a more little context, at least in my mind, for this anti-war song that questions why history repeats itself, and what exactly war is for in the first place.

Jack Skaner, the band’s founder, describes the song:

“We find it very sad that there is war in Europe again. That mothers are losing their sons. The paranoia and hatred has arrived here. Why are there wars? What is the point of all this? Maybe we would all be better off if there were no politics and we all loved each other.”

“Old Story” was released last Friday on August 12th, recorded at AKS Studios, and mixed and mastered by Andy Lux. The single accounts for the ninth release in the band’s catalog and the second single of 2022 since debuting their first full length album, “Erratic,” back in January. Skaner, guitarist and singer, first formed the band in concept and in writing early 2019. Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Mr. Six-Ell (at bass) and Winzent Walace (at guitars/keyboard). Both continue to be current members of the project. By August of 2019 their debut single “No Way Out” was released.

In that short amount of the time, the band has compiled a nice following with 564 YouTube subscribers and 2.2k monthly listeners on Spotify. They shared the “official” music video for the single on Facebook, which you can see HERE.

The band definitely embodies that thrashy metal sound. At times reminds me of old school Sepultura. Skaner has great false chord screams fit for the genre. My personal favorite track from the debut album is one called, “Eye For Eye“:

EYE FOR EYE released January 7 2022

Super stoked to have the band on the radio station! The single is in rotation during the “New Singles” block of Indie Anarchy, 7pm – 9pm PST Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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