Hyperiff is back with Rockin’ new single

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It’s been such a busy month for new music! This is a fantastic problem to be experiencing. Case and point, Hyperiff‘s brand new single that was released 2 weeks ago on March 11th. I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately and have been meaning to get to the blog to write about it ever since it dropped. You could certainly typecast me as a Hyperiff “fan-boy” ever since first hearing them and writing about their previous release “Take Me Back” earlier this year. The trio from Detroit is back with a groove rocking follow-up single entitled “Give it to Me.”

In contrast to a “tension building into a crescendo” style ballad like in the previous release, “Give it to Me” launches right into a hard rock guitar riff-oriented intro. During the verses, the instrumentation pulls back in, as I think works so well with their sound and dynamic, and Serena leans into somber vocal melodies that capture your attention right away. So well that once the chorus sets in motion, it sounds huge and epic. The drum fills that happen when transitioning back into the verses are so well placed that it makes the shift from “raucous” to “defined and introspective” feel seamless. Yet, at the same time the dynamic of loud to soft is so apparent that you still get a manic overall vibe to the song. It is truly a well written song.

Jay’s guitar work is skillful on this song. The bridge exhibits some great licks and octaves, but then goes into a wicked bass solo! Who did that? I maybe completely wrong by assuming it was Jay, I’ll stand by corrected if so, but the point is that it was something I found very musically interesting, and Davie504 would be proud. Lyrically, it’s stark and at times angsty. Obscure enough for each listener to interpret in a multitude of ways. My favorite way of lyrics being written. I’ve posted them at the bottom of this article.

Crazy to think that this project was just conceptualized last year in late 2021. Looking forward to hearing more and if you’re in the East Lansing area, you can catch Hyperiff live at a couple of upcoming shows soon at MSU:

Orion House, Michigan State University 04/01/22

Phoenix House, Michigan State University 04/02/22

Follow Hyperiff online:





Insta @Hyperiff

[Verse 1]
Early night surrenders the control
Darkness wanting to let you know
Time flies but nights they all move slow
Mind is set and my thoughts always prove true
You’ve got nerve but you haven’t got a clue
You’re the one who told me where my soul came from
But if you only knew
Said the kind of man you wanna be
Doors are only locked without a key
This one was never closed so slam the door
And give it to me

Son of the night
I told you once so don’t think twice
Hold tight
Win the fight and give it to me
Your mind stays bare
You say you love me like I care
Don’t dare
I wanna stay so give it to me

[Verse 2]
I insist that tonight I hear from you
Promised you’d come later still too soon
Went to shit, there was nothing I could do
Broke your promise one too many times
Now we gotta draw a few more lines
Stay ’till the snow’s all gone
It’s warm in here and cold outside
Trying to find out all you wanna know
But I guess the nights don’t move that slow
New sides you try to show
And find my soul but I sold that years ago

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