Beach Bunny’s “Blame Game”

With a Bandcamp bio that simply reads “sad lady,” the band Beach Bunny definitely articulates that sentiment. As I write this, I can hardly hold back the “I love this song” swirling around the back of my head regarding the track I just heard from the EP that I just pre-ordered. That song is called “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” and the EP is called “Blame Game.”

“Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” is the lead off single from the effort, and the track that you are able to stream before it officially releases. You can pre-order and listen to it HERE on Bandcamp.

They’ve also made their way on to the “Indie Pop” playlist on Spotify prior to release. Check it out HERE

The EP is officially released January 15, 2021. I’ve noticed a lot of projects releasing music around that time frame. Perhaps we’ve all been inspired over the course of 2020? Hmm. It’s as if a lot of stuff has been going on lately. I digress.