Hysterical Blindness – New LP Coming out 06-30-2022

The project once featured by Metal Injection as “The One-Man Black Metal Album You Need Today,” has a new album dropping on June 30th called “Notre Héritage.” That project is none other than Montréal’s Hysterical Blindess and the new LP is to be the follow up to 2020’s Mysterious Dogma.” If precedent is anything to consider when speculating about the new release, one has come to expect a dark atmosphere, gloomy guitar riffs, and brutal drums from founder, Vincent Pilon, in his writing. To get a taste for what’s to come, one doesn’t have to look much further than the band’s latest single entitled, “Héritage” that has already been released on Bandcamp and available on all streaming services to tease the upcoming album. What makes “Notre Héritage” something of a stand-out landmark in the band’s catalog, is that what was once a one-man Black Metal project is now duo. There also appears to be a regularly occurring collaborative presence at Mastering Engineer with Jessy Bergy as well.

After what Vincent has described as a “life-changing accident,” he began to collaborate and bring other musicians in on the project. Enter guitarist and composer Alexandre Vorobiev, the new full time member. Vincent has said of the newly founded duo arrangement that Alexandre’s contributions have helped “create an even deeper and soul-crushing sound.” I would have to agree with that based on the first single the duo released in November of 2021 entitled, “Garden of Pain,” which is also going to be featured on “Notre Héritage.” In it’s entirety, you hear the sound signature to Vincent’s style, Black Metal with elements of Death. However, one part of the song I did find distinct from what I’ve heard before from Hysterical Blindess, is in the first two minutes of the song. The guitar work’s dissonance and groove at the beginning is an interesting new dynamic.

The latest installment, “Héritage,” also exhibits many elements of Death Metal in the overall Black Metal sound. My favorite part of the track is at the 4 minute mark. The vocals are brutal and harsh, it almost comes across as hardcore. I also found it interesting that the lyrics are written in French on this particular song. The English translations (according to DeepL) are transcribed below. Really looking forward to hear all of the work on “Notre Héritage” later this month!

Hysterical Blindness “Heritage” Lyric Video from their YouTube Channel

“Under my feathered wings,
I see a world full of burnt trees.
What is it?

Beyond the mountains,
Where the sun is no more.
I hear the clouds howling,
What have we concluded?
Beyond the mountains.

I see nothing more,
Under my dull claws.
I can see nothing,
In this divided world.
I hear nothing more,
Only the cracking of burnt trees.
I hear nothing more,
Only the silence of an extinct world.

Beyond the mountains,
Where the sun is no more.
I hear the clouds howling,
What have we concluded?
Beyond the mountains.

My feather crackles under the burns of the past ages.
I see nothing under my blunt claws.”

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