Weed N’ Stiff, my friends and yours, have done it. They are now conquering gaming…. Nintendo 8 bit NES.. albeit. I’m still planning on doing a full walk through of the game, go live on Twitch (or YouTube- haven’t decided yet) whilst celebrating my favorites from the Weed N’ Stiff catalog. It’s still in the pipeline, so please stay tuned!

All the list of characters are in the game somewhere. I managed to find the easter egg of Rocket Steve in the game. I high fived my cat. The Steve & Huey Show was the first to break the big news (no spoiler alerts if you don’t know about them yet). And they write:

For the first time in the band’s history, Weed N’ Stiff have released an adventure video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 

Join the adventure! Jim Weed and Dill Stiff have been kidnapped by the jealous Joe Bobson, leader of the rival band Moo Cow. You’ll have to battle your way through the seaside, mountains, caves, and snow to save the Weed N’ Stiff boys! Along the way, a cast of characters from the Weed N’ Stiff universe will help you on your quest. Sort of. At least there’s a lot of WS references and even some of the band’s music in glorious 8-bit. 

Save the band and save the band’s holy cassette tape!

The Steve and Huey Show

Available as a physical NES cartridge as well as a free ROM file for use with most emulators for PC or MAC and handheld devices including Android. 

Needed: Emulator that supports NES roms (.nes files), and a USB game controller.

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