“Immortal Eyes”- new single by Flavio Brandão

Flavio Brandão and his “Stratosphere” project is back again with their first single of 2022 entitled “Immortal Eyes,” featuring vocals from Ricardo Janke. The single was released on May 13th and is the latest addition to the project’s catalog since the release of the official lyric video for “Twilight Storm, (the last single from November 2021’s “Depersonalization” album). The release of “Immortal Eyes” is a teaser of sorts, part of a full EP coming out on June 3rd entitled, “Lifestealing Years.”

Flavio unveiled the news about the EP in an announcement on 1921 Bali Headbanger Radio shared via Facebook. Pre-Save “Lifestealing Years” HERE.

The new track starts off heavy and riff oriented, almost thrash-ish or metal-core-ish. However, it does not take long before hitting stride and fully encompassing an epic power metal vibe, a signature sound of Brandão’s work. The guitar work is center piece as it usually is, with moments of sinister octaves, pinch harmonics, and sweeping licks up and down the fret board.

Janke’s vocal approach is perfect for the style and songwriting tendencies of Brandão. When listening to “Don’t Give Up” (some previous work of Janke’s available on Spotify); it was clear that his influences would mesh well. Much like the other singers that Brandão works with, you will hear significant influences of Dio, Bruce Dickenson, etc. in the performance. With Janke’s take in particular, I hear a reminiscence of Klaus Meine.

As mentioned before when covering The Flavio Brandão Stratosphere Project, Brandão’s collaborative efforts have transpired across several countries ranging from Australia to Spain and Germany and more. So as you can imagine, the project’s listenership has been vastly spread across the globe as well. Flavio himself, however, is based out of Brazil and Brazil has recently comprised the majority of the project’s monthly listeners on Spotify, which is exciting news. I will continue to hold my breath in hopes that one day I might hear Power Metal in Portuguese. Unorthodox I know, but let me dream. I’d love to spin it on “Tudo Mondays” on AMS Radio. Cheers to the Flavio and I am looking forward to the new EP coming out this Friday!!

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