Bands to keep on your radar: Dead Cassette

Since dropping “Revive” in November of 2021 and “Neverending” in March of 2022, the band Dead Cassette from Akron, Ohio has managed to drum up quite a buzz for the anticipated album that followed in April of 2022, also entitled “Revive” and which also includes the two preceding singles on it as well. The band is a 5 piece band consisting of Justin Karallus on vocals, Corbin Wandling on rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Arthur Lawrence on lead guitar, Joe Hoover at Bass, and Kollin Manuel behind the kit. Definitely something to check out and follow as the band is already yielding 3.2k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Their sound is certainly reminiscent of 2000’s era’s metalcore. However, what I think what makes Dead Cassette an interesting find is hearing the very first single the band released in October of 2019, “Hot Girl Bummer,” a metal cover blackbear‘s chart topping, hit pop song. It’s a great foreshadowing of the lighter side of the band’s personality which does find it’s way into the album and in their videos at times.

Revive,” the album, covers a spectrum of influence that a listener may not be privy to if only aware of the first two singles off the album. A great example of that is “Through Hell,” the third official single off the album, that crosses over from straight-forward Metalcore into similar sounds of Emo and/or Easycore. Reminds me of some of my absolute favorites from that era like A Day to Remember.

The band has a couple of shows lined up in the next month to promote the new album. You can catch them next at the Westside Bowl in Youngstown and Summit Fest in Tallmadge, Ohio where they are on a bill that also features Unearth and Impending Doom of particular note. Really goes to show that the work these guys are putting in is paying off, it’s a solid lineup. Get your tickets at: and follow the band on their website HERE to keep up with all their upcoming shows.

Lastly, I’ve posted the lyrics and the official music video for the album’s title track “Revive,” as I think it’s a great way to introduce yourself to their sound. It’s heavy, driving, and infectiously melodic during the chorus in true Metalcore fashion. All the instrumentation is solid, including the growls that pack a punch energy-wise, but with this track in particular it’s the guitar work that really impresses me. The tones between the lead and the rhythm blend so well together in unison and yet are clearly distinct when each does their own part, makes the riff seem really unique. I truly enjoy the clean vocals too, I can’t help but think of Beartooth when I hear the cleans. Which is totally intended as a sincere compliment from me, as I always have been a fan of Caleb Shomo’s vocals.

[Intro] Not dead yet

[Verse 1] We’re back Let me start off by saying

What you see you won’t believe in

Try We know it seems so hopeless

When everything feels suffocating

Rise up Out of the hearse, down into the dirt

Rise up We’re coming back for more

[Chorus] You won’t believe

You won’t believe your eyes

This heart still beats

Now it’s time to revive

[Verse 2] Trust When you’re all alone we’re singing

Trying to mend these feelings

So Not giving up this easy

Look in these eyes, believe me

Broken We’ve been there as well Open Your heart and start the healing

[Chorus] You won’t believe

You won’t believe your eyes

This heart still beats

Now it’s time to revive

[Breakdown] Instead of burning bridges

We stand tall, start rebuilding

Look now, we made it through this

Scream loud, life is as bright as you think

[Chorus] You won’t believe

You won’t believe your eyes

This heart still beats

Now it’s time to revive

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