A Ghost’s Vengeance – Love Ghost

Closing out the year proper, as it appears that one of the last reviews of the year is to be of a band I am openly a fanboy of, Love Ghost. Fitting, as they were subject of one of the first articles written on the blog this year in January as well. Compounding on that sense of irony is that I connect so well with their music that the releases by the band at the start point and end point of the year resonate deeply. Eerily spooky you might say. Then again, there’s a tendency for these things to happen when a listener enjoys the music. You find ways to relate it to your own situation. It’s why music is the ultimate healer. In any case, the band released an fantastic EP on December 9th entitled, “Venganza Del Fantasma,” available on all streaming platforms. The title translates in English to “Vengeance of the Ghost.” What I enjoy most about this record, is that it encompasses the Alternative and Emo rock sensibilities found in most of the tracks in their last compilation, A Place Far From Here, and meshes them with an air of “vibey” hip hop and hard rock. It’s beautifully infused. If you are familiar with Love Ghost, then you know that they can go from sounding Hardcore to Trap in a matter of seconds. “Venganza Del Fantasma” stays at a consistent head bobbing vibe, yet still emits up and down energetics, much in part to Finnegan Bell’s classic candid and emotive vocal style and delivery. I could honestly say that right now, I think this maybe my favorite release to date by the band. I also found it wonderful, as someone who has studied Spanish in depth for the last year and a half, that half the EP is in Spanish. In that very niche sense, that makes the EP even more engaging and enjoyable for me personally.

Track Listing

  1. Ghost Town (Feat. Santa RM)
  2. Inferno (Feat. Conejo)
  3. ALI3N (Feat. Vanity Vercetti)
  4. Pick Myself Apart (Feat. Lou Cornago)

Ghost Town is the first track to open the album with such nice Spanish guitar progressions underlying crunchy, distorted power chords aligned with the bass and kick drum. The beat hits hard. Absolutely love this song. Inferno showcases a beat centered around reverberated guitar, a song that gives you chills. This song is my favorite lyrically. Some of my favorites occur during the hook: “Try to escape to a place that never feels safe, try to escape to a place that feels sane.” The bridge of the song intensifies: “Why won’t they save us?” Finn screams, as Conejo repeats “Bienvenido al inferno” (welcome to hell) and closes the track.

ALI3N appears to be the biggest “standout” in terms of a “hit” on the album. It is a smorgasbord of Emo, Pop Punk, Alt Pop and Hip Hop. In comparison to the other tracks, it is more upbeat and more on the lighthearted side of things. They recently released an AI video for this track, which was really cool:

The closing track “Pick Myself Apart” is a dark track, that closes the EP on a somber note. I would offer that it of the four is perhaps the most “Emotive.” Featuring the talented Lou Cornago on vocals in Spanish. This track was the most recently released AI video in support of the EP as well:

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