Nemesis Inferi Announces New Album

There was some exciting news announced via press release from Metal Jacket Magazine a couple weeks ago. The news is a two-parter. First part being that Nemesis Inferi will be dropping a new album, a follow up to 2018’s crusher “A Bad Mess.” The new album titled, “The Mowing Devil,” is slated for release in 2023. No details just yet on the exact release date, but exciting news nonetheless to know that it’s all recorded and ready for logistics. The band had signed a deal with the label Wormholedeath to make it happen. Noteworthy of mention as well, the new album also features new members of the band, making the second part of the news that much more buzzworthy. That second part of the news I’m referring to being a debut of things to come. The first single from “The Mowing Devil” has been released to streaming services along with an accompanying music video. It is a monster of a track titled, “Abysmal.” Nemesis Inferi is a band with a long history, formed in 1997 and officially releasing music since 1999. I am a big fan their last album “A Bad Mess,” a solid Thrash Metal album. I have to say though, this new iteration and direction is an exciting shift that has me stoked to hear the upcoming music.

While a couple of changes took place with members of the band, one thing that remains the same as the last album is that they worked with Producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Behemoth, Paradise Lost) and recorded in Woburn, England at Orgone Studios (now Arda Records based in Portugal). So, from a production standpoint, the new single sounds just as solid as the last album. In my personal opinion, even better. The lineup changes within the band for this album happened at the Drummer and Vocalist spots. The band is currently comprised of:

Alessandro Manomorta : Vocals
G.M. Gain: Guitar
Fabio Bergamelli: Guitar
Daniel Battaglia: Bass
Matteo Caruso: Drums

Despite recording in the U.K. and the affiliation with the now Portugal-based producer, the band themselves are still based out of Bergamo, Lombardia in Italy. If the forecast of things to come is evidenced by this new single, you can expect some groove metal breakdowns and some mathcore/prog type of melodics. The track comes out thrashing hard like you’d come to expect, personally reminding me of bands like Unearth, but then shifts into this filthy groove that I just love. Groove riffs that remind me of that Every Time I Die “southern” style of riffing. The band pushes the arrangement to quarter note breakdowns and melodically pleasing bridges that remind me of “Redeemer” era Norma Jean. Manomorta’s vocal performance is stellar. In terms of lyrical context, the band describes it as such:

…the nihilistic vision of a crumbling and frail human condition.

Nemesis Inferi via Press Release

This stuff is right up my alley, I am so pumped to hear the new album!

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