Indie Press Release: Exit the Matrix

The band Exit The Matrix debuted in June of 2020 with an 8 track album, “The Anomaly Traces.” Not much info is out there about this obscure prog metal band from Belgium, but there is some buzz in parts of the Northern European Metal community right now about their upcoming new single that is dropping August 15th entitled “Of Consciousness.” The band has been teasing it on their Facebook page leading up to release date. Pre-save the new single HERE.

Of particular interest, the project is introducing a new singer, Daniel Van Der Molen on the single. Ironically enough, he is the only member currently listed in the band’s Spotify bio. I was, however, able to track down some liner note credits for “The Anomaly Traces” and unless Encyclopedia Metallum has it wrong, it would appear that Van Der Molen is the successor to one Yuri Murillo Mange. And even more interestingly enough, Exit The Matrix turns out to be a project of guitarist Peter Bloemen who has worked / been involved in some capacity, with Black Metal bands Gotmoor and Signs of Darkness in the past.

Exit the Matrix’s sound is a mixture of technical complexities intertwined with melody and riff driven music. Prior to the new single I would personally consider them more for a prog or metalcore band than “Djent” so to speak, a prime example would be probably my favorite track of the previous album, “Revolve:”

However, I do admit that with this new single it does have a bit more of a “Djent” feel to it, with sharp focus on off-timing and complex rhythms. Outside of that, I would say musically the song is still fairly consistent with the overall sound from the last record. Vocally, the contrast between Van Der Molen and Mange is apparent. While both engage melodically, which is a really tough thing to do over complex rhythms in this genre of music, Van Der Molen also incorporates fry screams in his performance. I’ve had a chance to hear the single before it drops, and if you’d like a chance to hear “Of Consciousness” before the single comes out next Monday as well, tune into AMS Radio this weekend during “Indie Anarchy!”

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