Indie Artist Radar: Darinka’s Debut Single

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The artist Darinka, is described as the “alter-ego” of Los Angeles actress Chloe Berlinger, originally from Austin, Texas. Her debut single dropped earlier this week on March 15th, entitled “How’s The View?” produced by Jeff Kinsey. Upon first glance at the single’s artwork, you can tell right away you’re in for some darker, heavier themed content. It isn’t your run of the mill pop song standard. Lyrics from the very first of line of song (“9 to 5, cyanide…”) set the table for Darinka’s approach to lyrical delivery.

“How’s the View” by Darinka

Musically, the beat knocks. Sitting here listening to it through my M-Audio studio speakers, really reinforces that. Tastefully placed bass drops, augmented strings that elevate the dynamics, and a wonderfully big, catchy hook is what you will find in the arrangement. It took me all but about 10 seconds in before I knew that I wanted to playlist this song and put it on the radio station. My favorite part of the song is the second verse that propels right back into the chorus. Describing the song herself as an “angry millennial and gen-z workforce anthem,” Darinka begins the second verse with one of many class warfare themed lines:

“Fuck the poor, feed the rich, can’t get that bread? Ain’t that a bitch. The Amazon, is all on fire, Jeff Bezos, is a fucking liar…”

The end of the second verse thematically resolves into “flipping over a table” at work, with a “cheeky” sound bite of a voice scoffing, “that’s so sad, you need to go to therapy…” as the music cuts, right before a bass drop into the chorus. A chef’s kiss moment in pop music dynamics.

Photo Credit: PapayaShotThis 2022

My first impressions when I heard the song was that I thought I heard influences the likes of Billie Eilish and Poe, although when asked Darinka specifically calls out Escape The Fate, Marina & The Diamonds, and Lorde as influences. I’m sure as with most artists, there’s probably a plethora of things she listens to, I just usually don’t go 0 for 2 with my initial first impressions! Haha. All the influences she mentions do indeed make sense though. I hear a bit of all of that in there as well.

“I actually began as a metal head / pop punk aficionado. Starting at 12 years old you could find me at shows in Austin supporting local bands and joining mosh pits…”

“…I was a lonely kid that really connected with the lyrics of these bands and found myself wanting to write music that captured the same feeling. Unfortunately I struggled a lot with the fact that I didn’t have a punk / metal voice to go with it… but I finally found my own voice and style.”

Photo Credit: PapayaShotThis 2022

So what’s next for Darinka? She is keeping busy, recording a multitude of singles for the upcoming year and beyond. When describing her creative process she states that she is singing all the time everywhere she goes, catching melodies, and recording them on her phone to circle back to later. Because of her deep appreciation for theatre and film, she says that strong visual concepts often go hand in hand with her musical inspirations. That being the case, the next thing I’m told we are going to see from Darinka is a music video for “How’s the View” sometime in the near future of 2022, currently in the works. Keep an eye out for it!

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