The Power of a Velvet Pain

Velvet Pain is a hard rock project born of multi-instrumentalist Tobias Sacher from Heilbronn, Germany. Although he has been playing guitar since 10 years old, the brainchild that is Velvet Pain is a relatively brand new project in terms of discography, releasing a debut EP “Force Your Voice” in mid-December 2021 and just recently dropping a two track single “Power” a couple weeks ago on June 19th. Velvet Pain’s brand of Hard Rock is upbeat and guitar driven, conveying so many elements of old school Power Metal, yet with a more modern melodic twist. It reminds me slightly of Mammoth WVH in a way, except where Mammoth WVH takes those guitar oriented 80s roots and incorporates more of a 90’s alternative vibe to it, Velvet Pain incorporates what sounds like “Newsted-era” Metallica and “Illusion-era” Guns and Roses in the new single.

The lead off track of the single, “Power To The Unknown” in my mind is the A side of the single. It is infectiously upbeat and epic. It’s one of those rock songs that somehow puts you in a good mood, yet kicks your butt, and gets you moving to a self-manifested montage in your head. “Shadow Play” has darker lyrics to it and dynamics that sway more ups and downs emotionally. Although I would personally consider it the ‘B’ side of the single, the track is still exceptionally solid and very well produced.

Tobias has quite an extensive musical repertoire consisting of several bands and some record deals. Some of his earliest work was done with a Goth/Doom Metal band called Apotheosis in the 90’s, a pretty cool find. Joining in 1997, the band released “Black and Blue Reality” through MDD records before a transition to Sub-Zero Records somewhere around the same time. The band later changed their name to No Love Lost where Tobias continued as front man through 2004. Over the next five years Tobias played in touring cover bands before taking a break from music in 2010. It is interesting to observe Tobias’s background and see how all of that has shaped, influenced, and evolved in his writing for Velvet Pain.

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