Killing In Apathy: Conductors of Madness

Austin, Texas is a place known for it’s musical prowess. It’s motto, “Live Music Capital of the World,” is one that garners the attention of so many touring bands traveling the U.S.A. If you were touring, you’d be foolish not to make a stop in this city when hitting the road. I recollect visiting Austin 10 years ago and partaking in the 6th Street experience and being blown away by how many bands/musicians of all varieties were playing in what seemed like every bar, as well as street musicians in between all along the way. Killing in Apathy, an Austin based Metal band, has had the opportunity to perform with several acts coming through town such as Unearth, Chimaira, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, and a remarkable list of others before what appeared to be a break up of the band in 2014 subsequent to the 2013 release of “Death and Texas.”

According to their Spotify Bio, a reunion of the project transpired with not much more explanation other than a “fight over an empty beer cooler,” and a mission statement to “leave no ass un-kicked.” A refreshing and humorous sentiment considering that just the music at face value is very heavy, dark, and brutal.

Since the 2019 reboot, the first official release came about in October of 2021 with “Harvest,” which in comparison to the early releases like “Last Man Standing” and “Transcend the Architect” still has roots in Metalcore but branches out into several other sub genres of Metal as well. I hear elements of Thrash, Death, and Djent/Prog in the new sound. Vocally, their sound seems more brutal and harsher than in previous releases too. Throw in another single, “Across the Flashlight Beam,” an EP “Rogues Gallery: Cell Block A,” into the mix for 2022, and that brings us to the latest release “Conducting the Madness.” A new single that was released about 2 weeks ago on June 15th. This release in particular is one of their darkest and best ones in my opinion, both lyrically and visually via their official lyric video (lyrics and video posted below). Animating the imagery of a demon (at least that’s what I think it is) in a plague doctor mask (the single’s official artwork), you are met with nihilistic lyrics delivered in an array of banshee screams, gutturals, and growls. In terms of sound, it doubles down on covering the metal spectrum featuring blast beats, incorporating synths, and thrashing into break downs. Definitely worth checking out.

In the darkest corners of the mind
Where the eldritch fever dreams dwell
The air reeks of rot and ruin
Plagued by horrors better left unnamed
In that darkness, you will find me there
Always waiting

Pulling on the strings of your fragile reality
A frayed and tethered husk clinging on to your sanity

It’s all for naught
Hanging on by a thread
A breath away from succumbing to the lunacy
Losing control
Slipping away

Gazing into the void
I’m staring back
Never ending darkness
The cold between the stars
Beware the hooks and snares
There’s no escape
Designed to tear and rend
Shrieking until the end

Embrace the dread
Joining the ranks of the hopeless
The lost and deranged
There’s no need to break the back
If you can flay the mind
Corrupted neurons
Firing filth into the consciousness
Synapses fail
Neural betrayal
This is hell

A mangled marionette
Dancing a wicked waltz
Led by twisted monstrosities
Specters from the past
Every fault and failure
Haunted by familiar demons

I want you to see
What it means
What it means to suffer
Behold the broken broken man

Nothing left to live for
The psyche torn asunder
Shattered remnants
Derelict disappointments
Hanging over the head of a tortured soul
Wretched hallucinations
Pursued by vile phantoms
Powerless to escape the torment
Inflicted by wretches hellbent on your ruin
Hellbent on ruin

Paralyzed by terror
Trapped in this nightmare
With no end in sight
Your mind will shatter like glass

Resigned to your fate
A worm in the eyes of the master
A servant to the panic

Powerless to break the cycle
Hooks tear in the soul
Corrupted, leprous, abandoned sense of self
Vulnerable, Unprotected
Elegy for the Wretched
Sway to a dirge for the damned

Abandon all hope
Through the peril
Beyond the pale

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