Hyperiff – “Take Me Back”

Fresh, new, indie music alert! Like, officially just formed in 2021, new. Hyperiff is a dynamic three piece band comprised of Jay Guillo (vocals and guitar), Serena Slade (vocals and piano), and Nathan Schneider behind the kit. Today we’ll be reviewing their new single “Take Me Back” that was released just a matter of days ago last week December 30th, 2021.

If you were to try and pin down what “genre” their music is, you would be hard pressed, and that is one of the things I like most about it. The band has an allure that peaks your curiosity, draws you in, and then continues to surprise you with their sound. Let’s just call it Rock.

The song starts out very contemporary and moving similar to something like The Groovebirds, another indie band I really like, but then Hyperiff shifts gears into a heavier distorted guitar dynamic that I feel they transition into very well. The song travels from a contemporary, singer/songwriter vibe into a big anthem-like ballad. Very tastefully done. I can totally picture Jay ripping the guitar solo at the edge of a cliff, hair flailing in the wind. I truly was “taken back” by it. Pun totally intended!

When reading about each person’s formal music training, I did note that they mentioned Nathan to be someone who discovered music at an early age and has been self-taught to now. I love this, I am the same thing. I can play a bit of just about everything just out of intense curiosity and feel. I personally believe that is conveyed in the way the song flows. “Feel” is such an important thing that tends to go unrealized by many, unless they happen to be musicians themselves and have had the experience of trying to just find the right player that “gets it.” One that has the right feel. The push and pull dynamics that carry the backbeat demonstrate that in this song.

And then there’s the vocals. I’ve listened to this track track several times now, but upon first listen, the thing that jumped right out, and stood out most to me was Serena’s voice. It is remarkable. I watch so many Chris Liepe videos that I could probably dork out on this for hours. Serena’s voice has warmth and character. A lot of singers go for this and achieve it, but what makes each singer unique is the delivery, tone, inflection, and personality behind it. Serena’s voice has a haunting atmosphere, and a warmth that draws the listener in to listen intensely. All the subtle inflections accumulate to be a very moving performance.

Really looking forward to what Hyperiff has in store for us in 2022. Check them out here:

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