Band w/o Band Gets Down

No stranger to AMS Radio, nor our blog, Band w/o Band is back with a brand new single entitled, “Get Down” released just yesterday October 27th! I took up the opportunity to listen to it a few times yesterday. And maybe it’s the freshness of new music, maybe it’s the song’s creepy new, throwback gothic music video, maybe it’s the nu-metal / post-grunge riff that warms my heart…maybe it’s Maybelline (Ha! You so see that coming by now, don’t you); but I am going to venture out on a limb here and proclaim that this track is my favorite so far of the singles covered here previously (“When Death Comes” in June and “Wake Up” in August).

With “Get Down,” the German multi-instrumentalist only publicly known as “Marc,” is now at twelve official releases in his Spotify discography. What I see continuing to grow in his work as of most recently, is the visual aspect of the project. I touched on how the sound has developed over time since 2020 in the “When Death Comes” piece, and he continues sound-wise with what seemed like a significant and pivotal point in developing the overall sound with “The Workout.” This latest single in my opinion, is the strongest representation to date of his Korn influence that he has cited in the past.

As I was saying, visually is where I see the “brand” of Band w/o Band growing the most lately. The music video for “Get Down” has a stronger videography, in my opinion. You see representations of instruments being played adding to the musical element of production, not only the gothic imagery. Albeit, I realize that it is quite literally a “band without a band,” but still, it was a nice touch in my opinion to add that musical visualization. At one point, there is a cool “Thriller” type of zombie choreographed throwback during the bridge of the song with some pretty cool still frames that make it look like it’s “jumping” or “skipping” like in those old silent films, but to the beat of the song. Check out the new single and hear more great independent artists on AMS Radio and AMS Playlists!

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