Doom Groove Orchestra

The gloomy, doomy, virtual hard rock trio Doom Groove Orchestra are back with a new A/B side single entitled “Only Here To Die/The Traveller,” released last month on July 2nd. Since having released “The Hunter / Falling Into Shadow” back in March, the band also released another single “A Thief in the Night / Mother” in May. The 8 tracks released so far this year are to be an accumulation of sorts for a 10 track full length album the band has been teasing on their Facebook page, but no official release date has been announced yet. Only mention thus far is that the last two tracks “Because of You” and “Here I Am” are getting the “finishing touches.” Will those last two tracks be released as singles prior to release as well, or will the final two be the package deal for the full length for when it comes out? Certainly something to keep track of, but as of right now, only time will tell.

“Only Here To Die” is a filthy rocker, Ove Kihlström’s guitar riff sounds a bit like a grunge riff at times, yet the entire arrangement as a whole still embodies the overall feel of their signature hard rock sound. It’s like Power metal meets Axl Rose meets Black Sabbath. Fredrik Notling’s lyrics are nihilistic and dark, and Conny Goldsmith’s bass rhythms lay a nice driving foundation to keep the track moving between all the dynamics.

“The Traveller” in my opinion, is actually the more melodic of the two tracks on the single. I particularly like the “call and answer” approach between the lead guitar licks and the vocals as Notling sings, “as I travel alone” during the chorus, as well as the guitar lead/vocal back and forth during the bridge of the song. Have a listen and keep up with Doom Groove online for more updates on the upcoming album!

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