Baked and Bulletproof Ep. 01- “Indie Hour”

This episode of Baked and Bulletproof features a mighty, mighty playlist. How mighty? Mighty enough for me to have created it both in Apple and in Spotify as I pretty much like to have it handy to listen to in any instance these days, depending on what device I’m working on or have nearby. A personal curation of some of my favorite indie music I have come across. Certainly not comprehensive by no means! But c’mon! It’s only episode 1. This playlist I’m sure will stand the test of time. The episode highlights some great tracks, but for everything that is in the playlist, please check out the links below and save to your own library!

AMS Radio Indie Hour Spotify Playlist

AMS Radio Indie Hour Apple Playlist

I, the creator, Quizboy Ben Dayho have crafted the ultimate bot to host this kick off episode. His name is Andrew Schmidley Bo, and he is more than pleased to be your gracious host for the episode, check it out!

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