Baked & Bulletproof S2-E1

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Feels so nice to be back into the swing of things for a Season two. Season one was a bumpy road. Learned a lot of lessons. Was discouraged about a couple of things. However, the things that were discouraging did not outweigh the things that really drive me to mess with this. First, independent music discovery and sharing. That has not gotten old for me, nor do I anticipate it will any time soon. Second, the writing. I love meeting creatives, so just getting an insight into work behind independent authors and the “world” as it is over there while discovering amazing, new independently written stories was just something I didn’t want to fall by the wayside. So a happy medium was born. Baked and Bulletproof is to be a monthly show, featuring a creepy pasta horror story by an independent author and a monthly Top 10 playlist of some of my favorite picks of the month via submission to the radio station, Daily Playlists, Musosoup, Hard n Heavy playlists, etc. I think that structure is sustainable and should avoid some burn-out. I’ve been slacking on refreshing the Top 10 so this is a good “two birds, one stone” type of opportunity. The Top 10 list will remain the same throughout the rest of November, the plan is that when the Podcast comes out that will be the new Top 10 playlist for the remainder of the month going forward.

Creepy Pasta story: “Night of the Lockdown, part 4” by Malcom McDonald

Author’s sub-reddit: Malcolm MacDonald Fiction, /r/malcommacdonaldfic

Re-Runs (on Spreaker)

S3E2 – "I Investigate Disturbing Cases Part 1 – The Tall Woman" Baked and Bulletproof

A Creepy Pasta story titled, "I Investigate Disturbing Cases part 1: The Tall Woman," narrated by the one and only James Bot.Today's story is first of a five-part series written by Bryan Young and published on the r/nosleep sub-reddit and can be read here: with full permissions.
  1. S3E2 – "I Investigate Disturbing Cases Part 1 – The Tall Woman"
  2. S3E1 – "Gullible" by Malcom MacDonald
  3. Journal of a Psychopath Part 1
  4. My Best Friend Became a Murderer
  5. Night of the Lockdown (Pt 4)

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AMS Radio’s monthly Top 10 playlist – Tune into the “Baked and Bulletproof” podcast for updates!

November 2022 Top 10 Track Listing:

  1. “Limousine” by LLC
  2. “Joan of Arc” by Mia Mormino
  3. “Something About Her” by Red Skies Mourning
  4. “Give it Back” by Mela
  5. “We Up” by Panama Quik
  6. “Lola” by Starchild Yeezo
  7. “Dear Abbey” by Lo Monaco
  8. “All Afraid to Fall” by NERiMA
  9. “November” by Love Ghost
  10. “Leap of Faith” by Nadia Vaeh
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