Bandcamp Friday Dec ’22

What makes today special? Well, it’s Bandcamp Friday. But even beyond that, it is a Bandcamp Friday that will result in AMS Radio’s one-hundred and first blog post! Holla atcha boi. Cheers to that. It occurred to me that instead of a tweet about it, a blog post would serve the purpose and intent of Bandcamp Friday much better. That way I can also embed and share with you what I decided to purchase. This month was a heavy on the vinyl side. I do that from time to time, because aside from the music, merch is also a key component in ways that you can support independent artists through Bandcamp. If I may have the soapbox for a moment, might I just add that SOME platforms out there that “claim” to be “about the artist” may dazzle you this time of year with fancy graphics and some spiffy numbers to brag about, also “offer” artists the grand “opportunity” to slang their merch on their platform (*cough*Spotify). However, out of the kindness of their generous and gracious hearts, they do so at a monthly fee. Oh and you have to use the website affiliate that THEY have integration agreements with, Shopify, which also charges a monthly fee (not cheap for a dropship site by comparison either might I add). You know, so just get like, a few hundred thousand more streams and it will all work itself out right?

Ah, was the night before Christmas, went all through the house, not penny was paid, not even an ounce. That was a joke referring to the U.K’s pound… you get it right? Moving on.

Bandcamp, on the other hand, lets artists sell their merch right from their site, direct to consumer. For free. Yes, fees are paid for sales. Less on Bandcamp Friday. But the point is, Bandcamp is interested in getting paid, when you get paid. I think that is something to ponder this Christmas season. Now I’m angry. What can I do to get back into the XMAS spirit? Oh right, let’s get to the vinyl!

Obviously, it’s expensive to do this every time, as much as I’d like to. But hell. It is Xmas so let’s do this. Speaking of which, AMS Radio is now working in the “XMAS” bank into the algorithm. I’m thinking maybe every fourth or fifth song will pull from there. Not to fret if you are worried about getting peppered with some Mariah. I assure you AMS Radio’s XMAS bank is not your… conventional holiday music. Packed with plenty of The Vandals, Scoopski, Eightimesover, and (spoiler alert) Galactapus to put you in the perfect spirit to celebrate our lord and savior, Santa Claus.

Merry Bandcamp Friday!

Jackson Vincent. I bought the entire catalog, but I’ll share my favorite tune I’ve heard so far with you. The first time I was introduced to his music was by way of Scoopski sharing one of his music videos on Twitter, and more in-depth via Marc Schuster’s blog Abominations.

“Open Your Eyes” by Laurelight. I learned about this artist by writing about his latest single “Brighter Days” on the LT1KF blog and while I enjoy that song too, Bandcamp Fridays always come down to tough decisions in the wish list and I just happen to favor this song. It too was featured on the blog.

“Are You Who You Wanna Be” by Jigsaw Youth. This is a band I’ve followed for some time on Bandcamp. I can’t one hundred percent say whether I came across them on MusoSoup or not, but I started listening to them right about the same time I started with Muso, that’s what I can remember. They are a phenomenal Grunge band out of New York. One of my favorites.

“Ribcage” by Ilona Mahieu. This band started out as a solo artist project that blossomed into a band. I wrote about them and this song on LT1KF and I still stand by my words. I like it better than Evanescence.

“I Intend To Stay” on Vinyl and “You Better Not Cry (A Xmas EP)” by Galactapus. Where do I even begin with Galactapus? It’s something you just have to listen to and experience. I wrote about their latest single, “The Lustful Arts” on LT1KF and was fascinated not only because the music is so experimental, but the band’s backstory is kind of dark and mysterious. I guess I feel a bit of a kinship there on that one. This marks the first vinyl purchase of the night.

“Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” by Scoopski. Such a big Scoopski fan. I already bought their Christmas EP that came out a week or two ago, so I went with some classic Scoopski this time around. In case you don’t already know, I learned about Scoopski in January of this year. I wrote about it on the Star Crumbles piece, and Mr. Scoopski was my introduction to this fantastic thing called, “Tweetcore.”

“Deepest Condolences” by Call in Dead. This was an excellent find. Found out about them on LT1KF and it wasn’t even one of my reviews, it was a Madzen piece. I was actually attempting to pre-order or purchase the vinyl for this one but couldn’t find a way to do it. This band is a hardcore sound to a Tee. Love it. Reminds me of home. I almost got lost in the merch, and did some damage. They have trucker hats, cool T shirts, I had to cut my losses and just get the album if I wanted to get to more this Bandcamp Friday.

“The Black Wings of War” by Dunwich Dreams. You can find the latest from Dunwich Dreams on our Hard N Heavy playlist, as well as on AMS Radio during Indie Anarchy times. Recently did a “Pre-Release” Announcement for this single on the Blog. Rosary has been a great supporter of the station as well as just a super artistic guy. Happy to support his project.

“Pistol” by Brian Lambert. I’ve told Mr. Lambert, that if he’d just add a dang “buy catalog” button to his Bandcamp, I’d do the deed one of these Bandcamp Fridays. I mean, the guy put out 52 singles (one for each week) of a year so that’s a lot of shopping cart adds! Nevertheless, I still find it enjoyable hunting and pecking through the catalog of one of the best singers around these days each Bandcamp Friday to find my new favorite song of his at the time. This was one I’d never heard before, and I really liked it. Somber, stripped down, acoustic, the description reads “A guitar and a condenser mic.”

“Spirit Photographs” on vinyl by Gillian Stone. I wrote a piece on this release for LT1KF last month and I’m anticipating that this will translate very well on vinyl based on what I’ve already listened to. Her sound reminds me of Tori Amos. It’s a conceptual album about the five stages of grief.

“Probably Fine” on vinyl by Lupis. Speaking of “probability” it’s also probably likely that I have a lot of grunge in my Bandcamp collection, as most anyone who knows me would suspect. I wrote a review for this band in November on LT1KF as well and was stoked to see vinyl come out for it considering a lot of my review was based on the recording process which started out similarly to the process for The Fades, who I reviewed here, but faced more logistical challenges making it to final product. The result, however, still has that great “live” energy and what I call an “Albini” feel, and I think that translates so well on vinyl. Looking forward to spinning this one.

And last but not least, a good friend to the station and blog Lefteris Saatsakis and his band Misty Route. They are an Alt Metal band from Greece. I already had the album on Bandcamp, so I decided to support the guys by buying a hoodie today. Some sick swag, bruh! Looking forward to sporting it for ya. Between my Trash Boat, Mal Fantome, ETID (Bandcamp exlusive Tee) and now this… I’ll be twirling my hair and on the fence about what to wear every day now.

The Bandcamp collection has been built pretty stout thus far. These shares today just scratch the surface on all the great music that is on Bandcamp. Please check out the AMS Radio profile, peruse all the music, and give me a follow!

AMS Radio on Bandcamp

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