Quizboy Album Review 3

Latest review of new album dropping 03/27/20 from Sparkling Indie Sound: https://www.sparklingsoundblog.com/post/review-quizboy-Rest-in-Pain “Quizboy is a project coming from the Portland, Oregon area. A dynamic range of rock influenced music, Quizboy releases albums and singles on a regular basis. The band also produces sound samples, promo clips, and instrumentals. Rest In Pain is comprised of 11 … Continue reading Quizboy Album Review 3

Quizboy Album Review 1

We've been shopping around the new Quizboy album, please see what our first review that came back was: "Quizboy has just released the highly anticipated rock album “Rest in Pain”, which is compiled of three particularly phenomenal upbeat tracks to enjoy. The first song titled “Hello” is a great cover rendition from the popular band, … Continue reading Quizboy Album Review 1

“WTF Was That?” Episode 0001 – Apple Shuffle with Ben Dayho

If you don't know, "WTF" is a show on the radio station in which I hit the shuffle button on my Apple Music or Spotify app for about an hour. We'll see what kind of weird, random, or maybe embarrassing stuff we can come up with. Moving forward, the show will include guest hosts enduring … Continue reading “WTF Was That?” Episode 0001 – Apple Shuffle with Ben Dayho