#TWEETCORE Episode 023

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Join host Marc Schuster of the Star Crumbles for an hour of independent music curated from the vast universe of social media. This episode is jam packed with epic awesomeness. In this episode, Marc spins some TWEETCORE rockers from the “Friends of ‘Ski” playlist curated by Scoopski.

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**YouTube** Note: not all episodes make it to YouTube, copyright restrictions from each artist’s distributor determines whether content ID will forward any applicable royalties or blocks it all together.

Track Listing:

Tweetcore Radio Hour EP 023 – 04-05-2023

“Another Fine Mess” – Simmons and Schuster – Dos

“All the Hairy Boys” – Marc Schuster – Factory Seconds

“Double” – Scoopski – Single

“I Have a Crush on Lisa Loeb” – Modern Amusement – Single

“Keep Smiling” – Chvrli Blvck – Keep Smiling (and nobody will notice)

“Happiest” – Jackson Vincent – Normal Tension

“Bleeding Heart” – Greg Gallagher – 667

“8-4” – BEES! – BEES!

“I’ll Be Haunting You” – BEES! – Giants: A Ska Tribute to They Might Be Giants

“Grow” – Rose Alaimo – Grow

“Stop the Thinking” – Sofa City Sweetheart – Super(b) Exitos

“Kool” – Bottlecap Mountain – Fib Factory

“Aspiration” – The Greedy Beat Syndicate – Aspiration

“Take the Blame” – Snap Infraction – Take the Blame

“Malibu” – Kitty Fitz – All My Own Stunts

“Nordus Frankus” – Vanilla Fox – single

Scoopski’s “Friends of ‘Ski” Playlist!!
Some TWEETCORE Music 🙂
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  1. Now listening to this great playlist!


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