William Sanford Unveils a New Tik Tok Dance Fad

There are two types of people in this world. People that do crack and ones that don’t. Allow me to explain…

Full disclosure, I’m an old guy (an elder in the millennial community, if you will). My daughter has tried to explain to me what the point of Tik Tok is on a few occasions. I know, call me a boomer sure, but at least I’m open minded about it. I downloaded the app and have struggled to think of ways to use it, or at least ways that I would find to be a practical use of my time, but after hearing NW Indiana/Chicago-land’s William Sanford and his latest single “Do the Buttcrack,” I think I finally get it.

William describes the latest effort as:

“A humorous take on Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts trends. “

William Sanford

Ah! Now in satirical context, the light bulb has come on. I have no idea what that says about me, but my obliviousness is beside the point. At long last, the Tik Tok ideas are flowing in now and I have the fast track to a new Tik Tok sensation that I hope you will join me in. You, Mr. Sanford, have inspired me. He goes on to elaborate:

“When you’re old, overweight, and jaded, you begin to find that the only thing that can compete with the onslaught of dances, trends, floofs, and other nonsense is the fact that your belts tend to fail, your pants don’t stay up…”

William Sanford

And now here we are at full circle. As I observe my own self struggles with the belt, I realize that I am in the “people who do crack” demographic. The “People who do the Buttcrack” category. See, there are people whose pants still fit, and then there are the likes of folks like me. You were tracking with me right? What the heck did you think I was talking about?

Do the Buttcrack” is not officially released to streaming services until February 25, 2022 but is available here on William’s SoundCloud (already at 1.6k streams) and spinning on AMS Radio during Indie Anarchy’s new singles block (7-9pm PST). Check it out here, early.

You can also Pre-Save the single HERE for when it drops.

Listen to “Do the Buttcrack” early here

At first listen and first impression, I was delighted to think that I had yet again found another satirical comedy act like my good friends Weed N’ Stiff (who just released their second Nintendo Game *shameless additional plug*) but no, as it turns out when I looked deeper into William’s work, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he is also a very gifted and serious composer. Albeit, he does indeed dabble back and forth between, as he describes it, “an aging philosopher” and being “belligerent and dumb.”

“Let your ass hang out the back of your pants
Be disgusting, lewd and crass
Behold that glorious crack
Let’s be dumb, belligerent asshats”

The hook for “Do the Buttcrack”
Photo Credit: William Sanford

William started out doing psychedelic pop music under the name “Sandi Beach.” Then moved to a more electronic sound similar to what you hear in his work today, as “Geographyhorse,” who was featured in the compilation album, Fdisk Encrypted Transmissions in 2003. He has made his previous works available on his web page HERE in his bio section.

William goes on to recount falling into a couple periods musical inactivity before a revitalized sense of inspiration in late 2018 that led him to begin creating and releasing music again. And boy he certainly did, from the period of 2019 to present, he has been a content producing machine releasing 3 full length albums, 2 EPs, and 4 singles. Here is the discography:

The Outside” single 2019

Hallowthanksmas Soundscapes” album 2020

Wishing You a Happy Apocalypse and a Comfortable Isolation” Album 2020

Indivisible” Album 2021

The Charmingly Boring Lives of Snails” EP 2021

Beloved Bird, Ernie” single 2021

The Big Guy Likes Sci-Fi” Single 2021

Cool Memories” EP 2021

Magic Water” Single 2021

Photo Credit: William Sanford

So given the catalog of dystopian themed, psychedelic compositional scores, and now with “Do the Buttcrack” added into the repertoire, where does Mr. Sanford to go from here? Guessing what’s next is the fun the part of this project. He embraces unexpected turns, the weirdness, and being different. It will be fun ride exploring the possibilities.

Keep up with William Sanford here:




“Do the Buttcrack” Landing Page

Oh, and if for some reason (not judging) you are still wondering what the heck my sudden Tik Tok epiphanies were, I think I’m going to make my dog Boris the feature of my Tik Tok videos. And as he, uh, moves to clean himself in a particular area (that he tends to go for when company is around for some reason) I think I will remix video of those motions and set it to William’s new single. It’ll be like Boris’s intro music for what he has no idea is to be his new Tik Tok channel.

Once the single drops, you can find “Do the Buttcrack” on my playlists as well.

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