AMS Radio Top 10 April 2023

Alrighty then! New Top 10 format. I used to include the AMS Radio monthly Top 10 playlist in each Baked and Bulletproof podcast episode, but sharing music almost feels outright illegal these days, not pointing fingers, but I am looking directly at you Spotify. So, making two separate blog posts and publishing a podcast separately with no music on it, as opposed to combining it all in one is actually less work and easier, believe it or not.

It is what it is! And in that a silver lining would be that there’s opportunity here to clear up what the “Top 10” playlist is all about anyway. It’s not meant to be conventional, in the sense that I am not truly “ranking” the songs. As is typically the case with most radio station’s “Top __” lists. There’s charting and tracking that’s involved in that kind of thing and that’s what I’m doing per se (although, all my monthly Top 10 tracks from every month are indeed complied HERE – FYI). My Top 10 list every month is more-or-less a “hey, here’s some stuff I came across over the last month, I find it notable, and you should check it out too,” … list. However, that has a less snazzy ring to it than simply, “monthly top ten.” I happen to come across music from independent artists in a plethora of ways, radio submissions, playlist submissions, blog-work, networking, just plain ol’ Twitter in general sometimes. And it’s actually a super tough thing to whittle it down to just ten every month, another “believe it or not.”

AMS Radio Top 10 – April 2023

  • “War Has Begun” by Bottlecap Mountain
  • “Gimme More” by Jr. Moz Collective, Brian Lambert
  • “Forbidden Fruit” by Scott DL’s Enlightenment Saloon
  • “Maybe You Want What I Want” by Steve Okwor
  • “Something to Believe” (TS Version) by Brian Lambert, Jr. Moz Collective
  • “Get What You Are” by The Star Crumbles
  • “I Should Have Cheated on You” by Fuzzruckus
  • “Rearview Mirror” by Aldis Fjola
  • “The Finish Line” by Drastic//Automatic
  • “A Choice” by Cheree

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  1. Marc Schuster Avatar
    Marc Schuster

    Pretty awesome! It is what it is, and I’m glad to be part of it!

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