Hysterical Blindness – New LP Coming out 06-30-2022

https://open.spotify.com/album/7AWC4cE6SGGgwTE2yC0FTJ?si=k82b97cWSvykoOHKesj8Zg The project once featured by Metal Injection as "The One-Man Black Metal Album You Need Today," has a new album dropping on June 30th called "Notre Héritage." That project is none other than Montréal's Hysterical Blindess and the new LP is to be the follow up to 2020's "Mysterious Dogma." If precedent is anything … Continue reading Hysterical Blindness – New LP Coming out 06-30-2022

“Immortal Eyes”- new single by Flavio Brandão

https://open.spotify.com/track/7cJ6c0g5B5DLMFXipkOtoF?si=1bd2c9e96a644bf3 Flavio Brandão and his "Stratosphere" project is back again with their first single of 2022 entitled "Immortal Eyes," featuring vocals from Ricardo Janke. The single was released on May 13th and is the latest addition to the project's catalog since the release of the official lyric video for "Twilight Storm," (the last single from … Continue reading “Immortal Eyes”- new single by Flavio Brandão

Doom Groove Orchestra

Formed as an online collaborative project in 2021, the Doom Groove Orchestra has officially released their second single entitled "The Hunter" on 03-25-2022. As the name would imply, the music is presents an element of theatric and dramatic type of arrangements laden with dark guitar riffs and grooves. Ove Kihlström performs the guitar work, sings … Continue reading Doom Groove Orchestra