Post Hardcore / Emo Track Listings Episode 0002

Episode 0002 is another playlist that can be sourced from the Spotify page, much like the first episode. Again you'll find Thrice's "Silhouette" found it's way into this round of playlists, which makes complete sense to me because even though 95% of these playlists are generated from random shuffles, there's no denying that I love … Continue reading Post Hardcore / Emo Track Listings Episode 0002

“Post Hardcore” Episode 0001 Playlist

Our first shuffle round of "Post Hardcore" is a beauty. Some of my favorite Emo/Post Hardcore stuff popped up on this segment. I remember seeing Silverstein at the New Oasis in Sparks, NV circa 2005 and thinking, "Ohhh okay. I get it now" as it pertains to Emo. Now it's one of my favorite playlists … Continue reading “Post Hardcore” Episode 0001 Playlist