About Audio Mirage

Audio Mirage is a Publisher and Online Radio Station (AMS Radio). Discover new music with us while we mix in classics. No ads, no bullshit! We spin it and then point you where to support the artist. (BMI and ASCAP non-interactive radio licensee)

Hello my name is Ben Dayho. I like music. Lots of music. In just about every genre imaginable… I will likely find something I like or at the very least appreciate. I started this little online radio station called AMS Radio. AMS is an acronym for Audio Mirage Studios, my “company” (for lack of a better term). I write and produce music, I release and distribute music for myself as well as 9 other artists, go to shows, write reviews, and help some artists get published. We spin a lot of music on AMS Radio that takes me down the rabbit hole of wonderment in this new, saturated, but great time in music. It’s a bit of a hobby for me to explore all things indie from the vast array of places to find music these days. I’m a big proponent of Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a platform in which you can stream an artist’s music, buy their merch, keep up with their events, and all proceeds go directly to the artist or label in as real time as a PayPal transaction. 

Please give AMS Radio a listen and hopefully you can find something you enjoy enough to help support the effort. Thanks.

–Ben Dayho

Looking for a playlist, track title, link to, or artist name, for something you heard on the station? Check out the Radio Shows Page here…

Tune in below…

AMS Radio Web Player

AMS RADIO button


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