About AMS Radio

Welcome to AMS Radio. We spin a lot of music on AMS Radio with an intent on taking you down a rabbit hole of wonderment in this new, saturated, but great time in music. The primary focus is on independent and DIY artists.

If you would like to connect with us for a Press Release or Blog review, please connect with us via our network of journalists, bloggers, and other content creators at MusoSoup; signing up via this link will bring you right to our dashboard’s attention.

If you would like to submit music for airplay, please send file transfer link via WeTransfer in MP3 format to us in a message from the Contact page.

Baked and Bulletproof Podcast

#IndieMusic + #CreepyPasta = #BakedAndBulletproof

Inspired by Mega Man, the “creator” has built and programmed severely flawed robots to D.J. for the radio station. The creator is not very smart, he thinks he gets free labor this way. Meet the bots:
Andrew Schmidley Bo: A little slow, stupid if you will, but stupid in robot terms, somehow. Was programmed with crippling depression and anxiety for some reason, it is believed that this is some kind of design flaw, the first made, the guinea pig.
Bot James Bot: Somehow really rebellious, believed to again be a design flaw of some sort. Bot James Bot always appears intoxicated for some reason, even though robots don’t drink anything. Bot James Bot believes that he only has to put up with this gig until he can land the right spy gig.
Chloe: Not flawed at all in terms of functionality, even though all the designs are flawed. Chloe is highly aware of how flawed the creator actually is, and quite frankly, how stupid. The reason Chloe was created was because the creator doesn’t have any business strategy other than a poorly drafted business plan that involves sending bots into the streets of Portland to panhandle for money to try and pay bills. Chloe looks like a very grungy, poorly groomed homeless man, but has been programmed with a voice that sounds more similar to a woman because as the creator put it, “that will help close deals and bring in money, people are more receptive to chicks.”

Click here to listen to the Podcast on iHeart, Google, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Podcasher, Jiosaavn and other Podcatchers

Click here to listen to the Podcast on MixCloud

About Audio Mirage Studios

At Audio Mirage Studios (The Jam Shack) we produce, distribute, and license original and custom music. We are interested in pitching you works from our catalog for your project in TV, Film, Gaming, YouTube or other micro synchronization licensing opportunities. Please connect with us on SongTradr, Tracks & Fields, or Broadjams to browse the catalog.

BMI: Audio Mirage Publishing (375512358)

HFA: Audio Mirage Publishing (P011E0)

Please message from the Contact page for more information.

“Where the words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen

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