Bandcamp Friday April ’23

Happy Bandcamp Friday you heathens! I hope you made it a point to set aside some time and show appreciation for the arts today. That’s what it’s all about.

IF you may need some ideas on what artists to support, please oh please check out this fine AND dandy AMS Radio collection HERE for some Bandcamp recommendations and some music that too could be part of your very own Bandcamp collection!

Here’s what I supported this month:

Kick ass Portland hardcore right here, picked up the cassette too!

Killer vinyl for sale, only $20. Found this synth infused noise punk band writing an article for LT1KF

Very neat Dream Punk band from Poland

And somehow WSR snuck a new one in on the 4th without me noticing! Definitely not going to pass a Bandcamp Friday without pick that up!

Already a Top 10 track this month, Brian Lambert threw out a re-mastered version of his latest single and a bonus track I was familiar with before until today, that was a pretty cool find

This has been a Portland punk band that has been in my wishlist FOREVER, I’m happy to have finally been in a place to support it. To my ear, it sounds like classic skate punk.

Some minimalist piano compositions with this next buy, I love the featured track in particular.

And some Jim France! He’s been on my radar for a while but have just missed him the last couple times. And that being the case, it’s why he’s at the end of this post: because he was first in the shopping cart this month 🙂 Some trippy, alt, bedroom pop rock is kind of how I would describe his sound.

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4 responses to “Bandcamp Friday April ’23”

  1. Marc Schuster Avatar
    Marc Schuster

    All good stuff! I actually picked up the Won’t Say Rabbit track a little earlier, but I picked up the new album from Neither Could Dylan and the Scoopski catalog yesterday.

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    1. ooooh nice, man, I have to revisit Neither Could Dylan it seems familiar but I don’t think I had that one stashed in the wishlist. Scoopski I had a few of their releases, saw the discount on the catalog but was running out of BC Friday time to reconcile what I didn’t already have lol. I’m sure there are many more Scoopski buys in my future tho.

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  2. Lots of gems here. I especially like the ones by Lukier and Hit & Run, who are fucking wild! And Cheree’s music is great for when you want to break some shit!

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    1. Absolutely! Lukier and Hit & Run were both lurking in my wish list for some time, been meaning to support it for a while. Cheree is really a cool spin on hardcore punk and industrial, it reminds me of a band called Help around here that I’ve really been into and following in the last couple of years as well

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